Simon is not Hoi 

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The Paulstal Service (Simon’s stalker) has an interesting conversation with

Paulstal has many parallel views to fakeologists, yet continues to dump on None of his points against clues significant to me, and in most of this talk he agrees with clues and Simon. The central thesis of is never questioned –  the media is controled and used a major instrument of disinformation disssemination.

Sour grapes or controlled?

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2 thoughts on “Simon is not Hoi 

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  2. xilefflex

    Paulstal did a good job publicising the Dallas BLM videos of Dana W. It’s a narrow focus but a deep obsession. Some amazing stuff there. This is the one which Paulstal stumbled across but there are many more.

    However, back to the PS’s blog
    ” I find it extrememly improbable that “nobody died on 9/11″ and a totally ridiculous and unverifiable statement.”

    In which case, “real deaths” ought to stand out a mile among the 2900 odd creative writing course back stories

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