Hollywool fights back: Denial: The David Irving story 

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Denial is a potent word or spell craft often foisted upon
Most fakeologists are painted as deniers. 

The is the most contentious event of the 20th century. Really,  the whole WW2 narrative is possibly one of the most successful exercises in propaganda, genocide, rearranged borders, looting, and false stories that has ever occurred.

David Irving is an interesting  character. Knowing what we know about controlled opposition, the fact that he is now the subject of a movie is disturbing. If he’s real, was his original message compromised? I’m not sure, I’d have to study him more. 

Either way,  Hollywool is staying ahead of the narrative by giving you a new dose of ideas (known as propaganda). 

I’m sure this is a holocaust history booster shot.   

There are many alternative history researchers. I advocate reviewing all of them and drawing your own opinion. 

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5 thoughts on “Hollywool fights back: Denial: The David Irving story 

  1. Barbara Müller

    I just reread Miles Mathis paper on pi which he updated recently and which either is simply crap or a misdirection in the style of the flat earth movement. What Miles suggests there is, pi is not 3,14 but 4. So circumference would be 8r then. Without going deeper into his obviously wrong conclusions it can be easily demonstrated, that is not the case. Just paint a circle and cut off a piece of a strand with the length of 8r and try to put it on the painted circle. You will see, the circle it creates is visibly bigger than the painted circle. q.e.d. But Miles goes even farther there. He misinterprets on purpose the infinitesimal calculus in the same way, like in the famous paradox of Achilles (that one with the turtle and the runner). I’m wondering, why he is doing this? He can’t be that stupid. Sorry for putting this here, but the last Miles Mathis thread is to far back.

  2. Barbara Müller

    of topic: Kim Dotcom, that Megaupload guy is currently being sued live on net for our amusement. Having a new very young and pretty girlfriend. Why are they giving such a big guy such tiny girls. His former “wife” was also tiny and short. Maybe some genetic reasons. Do they want to optimize his genes, making his children a little bit less big and more pretty? I write “they” because I don’t believe he is a real person. It’s scripted. All of it. Kim Dotcom real name is Kim Schmitz and he started his “career” selling black copies of commodore games to kids and then suing their parents with help of the lawyer Günter Freiherr von Gravenreuth, who head shot himself 2010 after being sentenced to jail. Hitler also recommended to pair big persons with short persons to optimize their offspring. I’m straggling…nevermind.

    1. Barbara Müller

      Looks like Miles was right there. If there is a movie made about something, I no longer believe that it was true. the more movies there are, the bigger the lie must have been. Many propaganda movies about Steve Jobs (also debunked by Mathis): 2013 with Aston Kutcher, 2015 with Michael Fassbender, a couple of mocumentaries: The Man in the Machine, One Last Thing, The Last Interview. Many such movies about Truman Capote: one with Philip Seymour Hoffman, one with Toby Jones, etc. Who else in the last years? Abe Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, J.F.K of course, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Zuckerberg,…my list gets longer and longer. When there is such movie, I know for sure the story behind it must be a lie.

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