Tom Hanks, HRDPAR A1 actor

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Yep, if there’s a story to be told in a movie, Tom’s your man.

Tom Hanks has a history of being in movies that are about fake/staged events that portrays them as real. Tom’s most recent movie that he has coming out is called Sully which is about Chesley 0;Sully” Sullenberger who famously/allegedly made an emergency crash landing of a commercial airliner on the Hudson River. See US Airways Flight 1549.

Source: Questioning Our Reality: Tom Hanks Is The Go-To Actor For Portraying Fake Events As Real

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4 thoughts on “Tom Hanks, HRDPAR A1 actor

  1. Barbara Müller

    Matt Damon is another clown of the same sort. I saw The Martian recently. People really consider this being science. The book is as bad. I can’t watch movies anymore. Only comedies and Jamie Oliver cooking programs. Damon also played in a Tsunami movie, a Mandela movie, a World War 2 movie, a fracking movie, a virus movie,a FBI movie…and so on. They all do and have to do.
    Well the entire western medicine, yes all of it, is a scam business. Chemicals cannot help or speed up the healing process. The idea of injecting some chemical substance into your body to heal you or to prevent you from getting sick is ridiculous to say the least. But that’s what people expect doctors to do to them, when they go there. And doctors are eager to do so. In Germany there was a recent lawsuit, where a virus and AIDS denier Stefan Lanka, who is a Phd. biologist himself, promised a reward for bringing him one prove for the isolation, analysis and description of a Measles virus, which is the most popular and most “researched” virus ever. A Dr. David Bardens sued him and in the second trial the jury was forced to agree, all the regular “proves” Dr. Bardem presented did not scientifically proved the virus exists. So there is no scientific prove for any virus and its the basis of the contagion theory and all the molecular biology is based on that. The German jury did not draw that conclusion, instead they explained, Lanka wanted one prove, Bardens presented six proves and therefore his claim for the reward is not valid. Ain’t that funny?

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