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Audiochat-Unreal on Black Frosting

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Unreal and I convene for a discussion on Miles Mathis and the bloated Black Frosting thread.

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NASA taking control of the narrative v2

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It’s time to mock the growing cohort who question everything NASA and its successor SpaceX et al are doing.

What’s the best way to ridicule those that question the narrative? Make a movie, of course.

Capricorn One was the 70s version that made fun of anyone who thought they’d stage Apollo.

Yes, NASA and its entire team made the movie to own the narrative and steer it off a cliff.

If you want to control the opposition, you have to be the opposition, as Lenin or someone who put words in his mouth said.

Please note psyops are managed forever. They can never let the official story go unmanaged or contested.

via http://questioningourreality.blogspot.com/2016/09/operation-avalanche-exposes-moon.html

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This is art

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Forget MM’s paintings, this is a work of art.

Interesting twin architecture, as usual.

If anyone else can dustify buildings like CDI can, I’d like to see it.

Judy Woods, meet your “deadly weapon” maker. Plain ol’ TNT, and lots of it.

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Wobbly Woodstock 

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Challenging Our False History Topics for part one Trolling, Woodstock Fraud, Rocket Launches, Rocket Graveyard, Topics for part two: Member Questions for episode22, People talking without original thought, Hidden communication in publications and media, Masonic encoding, Current Nat Geo all seeing eye, Pluto Fraud, Space as water announced by me others with Picard Hennessey add same week, The encoding of maritime language -law -music -yellow submarine, Belief is the enemy of knowing , How I bega

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