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Spooky Quora and Snopes

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I never heard of Quora before now, but used to rely on Snopes back in the day. 

My guess: Gatekeeping. Quora seeks to establish itself as a trusted source. In that manner, it can  tell lies, hide truth, and be believed.

That is also, by the way, the role of SNOPES, a CIA front. They pretend to ferret out lies and truth, people tend to go there for the final answer. They have developed trust.

Q: “Are you sure about that? have you checked SNOPES?”

A: “Yes, I SNOPED it.”

What a beautiful way to lie!


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Many reasons to fake celebs deaths / DCP

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Interesting discussion on why they fake celebrity deaths. 

Two reasons I can think of:kill hope and happiness. Music is a drug free way to lift spirits and forget about daily troubles.  Taking that away from people is akin to stealing ice cream from a baby. If you think our rulers are evil Satanists then enjoying the furthering of our suffering makes sense. 

Most decent catalogues are stimulated with a death story. Elvis, Queen, Michael Jakson do booming business now that they’re gone. 

What we are uncovering with our Zombies is, for the most part, use of (fake) musicians who have faked their deaths before filling slots in the news business.
Would it not be just as easy for Intelligence, usually called “CIA”, who is running these people, to hire them, train them and set them up without all the trouble of teaching them some bare bones musical skills then, on top of that, fake dying them too?


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