Many reasons to fake celebs deaths / DCP

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Interesting discussion on why they fake celebrity deaths. 

Two reasons I can think of:kill hope and happiness. is a drug free way to lift spirits and forget about daily troubles.  Taking that away from people is akin to stealing ice cream from a baby. If you think our rulers are evil Satanists then enjoying the furthering of our suffering makes sense. 

Most decent catalogues are stimulated with a death story. Elvis, Queen, Michael Jakson do booming business now that they’re gone. 

What we are uncovering with our Zombies is, for the most part, use of (fake) musicians who have faked their deaths before filling slots in the news business.
Would it not be just as easy for Intelligence, usually called “CIA”, who is these people, to hire them, train them and set them up without all the trouble of teaching them some bare bones musical skills then, on top of that, fake dying them too?…

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12 thoughts on “Many reasons to fake celebs deaths / DCP

  1. tokarski

    Great comments all, but all miss another aspect of the fake deaths – true enough Elvis, MJ, Prince, John Denver disappeared never to be seen again, and their deaths maximized the value of their body of work.

    The others we are researching, however, are “Zombies” and reappear in new form, usually (not always) in the news business. This is why newscasters seem so clueless and never question anything as they should – they are Intel, vetted by means of music, fake-deathed, and then re-enter as our newscasters – our Amy Goodman’s (Joplin), Bill O’Reilly’s (Fuller), Thom Hartmann’s (DeWIlde, actor not a fake musician) – all Zombies. we have located but are yet to write about others – we know who Couric, Brokaw, Jennings, Blitzer, even Dr. Phil were before assuming their current personas.

    So the question was not just fake death, but why go to the extreme trouble of training them to be mediocre musicians just to fake die them before repositioning them in news? Why not just skip the music and go directly to news? Why the rite of passage?

    1. Hare Brain

      News and music (or any other type of entertainment) is the same thing – it’s part of the Potemkin village. News and history provide the fodder that is to be used by the entertainers for tv shows, comedy, etc. Listen to Dirty Laundry by Don Henley. He’s singing about how shallow and evil news anchors are, but those lyrics also apply to rock stars, he’s really singing about himself. All entertainment is essentially the celebration of sex and murder. It’s about fake people singing about fake relationships, fake love, fake everything.

      Well, I coulda been an actor
      But I wound up here
      I just have to look good
      I don’t have to be clear

    2. Blue Moon

      Why music first and not just news?
      Young people need young people for role models- Young people in a tie and jacket opining about how the world works is not convincing- Old people wouldn’t want their world explained to them by a young whippersnapper and young people aren’t listening anyway- They want noise and excitement and nothing too refined for their unrefined palates- Breaking in new recruits in the sloppy pop music biz is the perfect cover- Add the sex and drugs under this umbrella of choreographed chaos and these spooks are hooked- Much like the original assassins who were shown paradise under the influence and then sent out to assassinate and die while doing so, these young recruits get a taste of the rewards for compliance to authority- The good times never end for these now cynical old addicts*- As old folks, they now preach compliance to authority to their age group- Sounds convincing to the old sheep now- Meanwhile, Lady Ga Ga is twerking for the young’ns- Greta Von Facelift will need replacing eventually-
      * I don’t mean strung out junkies, I mean addicted to power, influence, deviant sex most likely, and the attendant paranoia that it will be taken away from them- Especially vulnerable to fear of abandonment would be the ubiquitous bastards, IMO-

        1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

          I’ve been looking for Greta. The best comps were murdered rocker Mia Zapata and Lynyrd Skynyrd backup singer Cassie Gaines. Not convinced of either, although Gaines was very close.

  2. Hare Brain

    “kill hope and happiness…Taking that away from people ” & “do booming business now that they’re gone”

    These 2 statements contradict each other. If business is booming, then more people are listening to the music, nothing is being taken away. We’re saturated with pop music. You can make studio quality music in your own bedroom now and put it on spotify or soundcloud. Electronic dance music festivals are massive with these superstar producer DJs making ridiculous sums of money. And this EDM is the most positive uplifting music genre that’s ever been created (and it helps that these festivals and clubs are all about drugs).

    Satanists are all about having a good time – partying, dancing, orgies – and music is a necessary element in all that debauchery.

    1. Hare Brain

      And when an artist dies, their music becomes even more special. It gives them a legendary status. Even for bands who are just getting started, death gives them a special mystique. If all the Beatles died in 1970, they would become even more beloved and legendary.

      And what about Burning Man? Healthy? Satanic? CIA?

    2. ab Post author

      It may sound contradictory as it was worded hastily on a small device. Taking a celeb away by death is killing the future hope and joy they may impart on the masses. Consolation may be obtained by past libraries, but it relived in a more morbid tone than if the artist was alive and still producing. Yes you my replay anything you want at any time anywhere, but you won’t see them in a live setting if they’re “dead”. Does this help?

      1. Hare Brain

        The death of James Deen and Marilyn Monroe was a good thing – not for them personally of course but for them as Legends. They’re forever young, beautiful, badass. If Elizabeth Taylor had died young, maybe she could have been regarded just as fondly as Marilyn. But we see her age and get old, fat, weird.

        It would have been better for Michael Jackson and Elvis to have died young. But now they’re considered kind of a joke. A memory of a young Michael and Elvis is preferable to watching a fat Elvis in Vegas or Michael being questioned for pedophilia. If Prince had died in 1987, I would have thought that it would have been incredibly tragic because we would have missed out on many decades of awesome genius music. It turns out, his post-80s music was forgettable garbage.

        We don’t really need old artists. The culture would be perfectly vibrant if all rock bands retired by the age of 30. Everyone is ultimately easily replaceable. If McDonalds didn’t exist, we would still have Burger King. If Burger King didn’t exist, we would have Wendy’s.

        And does pop culture entertainment really provide hope and joy? Pop music, movies, tv, provide a drug-like effect where we indulge in fantasy. It does provide some relief when life is really dull, but I question if it’s really a healthy thing. Life is awful and we need fantasy as a diversion. That’s really what music is for.

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