SpaceX is bugging Simon Shack 

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The video footage/evidence of SpaceX launches has been bugging Simon for awhile.….

I take door #2, the mocking option. 

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3 thoughts on “SpaceX is bugging Simon Shack 

  1. xileffilex

    I’ve just caught up with this ridiculous “launch” of the TESS – Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite , lol! – back in mid April 2018.

    @4.00 we hear mention of the “autonomous drone ship” of Musk and again at 7.08…. watch the faked landing at 8.40, with “unstable video connection” making the screen go blank at the crucial moment of “landing”. What a total farce.

    Oh, sorry, I should call it the “Of Course I Still Love You” drone ship, “300 km off the coast of Florida” Suuuuuure

    “landing” at 6.10 in this version.
    As they say…
    SpaceX’s Landing Drone Ship Is Just As Complicated ** As The Rocket

    ** better= fake

    Here’s how TESS “works”

    Here’s TESS at the PHSF “Payload Hazardous Surveying Facility” [LOL!!!] of NASA
    An absolute hoax.

    And, lo and behold, within two months of use,
    NASA’s New Planet Hunter Has Already Spotted Two Candidates For Earth-Like Alien Worlds

    suuuuuure it has

  2. arthur king

    Space X footage that bugs you: the bug would have to be out of focus. The camera cannot focus on the distant rocket and the close insect at the same time.


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