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Where most people’s 9/11 research stops 

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Update: today’s first hour talks about 9/11: 

My favorite regular  podcast talks about their 9/11 research around 1:00:00 mark. 

Humble and Fred venture into an unpopular area / Ann Coulter gets crushed / Hillary coughs up a lung / More on Fred’s accident / Peter Mansbridge responds to Humble and Fred / Toronto talk radio blows / Gene Wilder memories / 911 bullshit.

Tomorrow Richard Syrett comes in to talk Joody Wood. 

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Consider the MSM controlled opposition

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We all agree here that we can’t trust the alternative media, especially the screaming Alex Jones types. 

It’s useful to think of the mainstream media as controlled opposition as well

So what is Goodman doing at Standing Rock? Her job. She is controlled opposition. She has to cover these events, but in such a way that no movement arises, and that we never really get to the bottom of it.

That is the whole point of controlled opposition. If we had outright censorship, where media was prohibited from covering protesters, people might become aware how thorough and deeply embedded censorship is in our country.


You may think the face splitting technology is Goldbuggery, but POM has excellent insights all around his blog. 

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Insecticide IS the Zika

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I hate mosquitoes and mosquito bites as much as the next guy but I’m wondering if spraying toxins to kill them and their larvae is worth the risk to our health, or especially to our children’s health?  

I am quite sure that the chemical industry created the CDC (covering dangerous chemicals)  cover for the deadly effects of their pesticides. 

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