Consider the MSM controlled opposition

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We all agree here that we can’t trust the alternative media, especially the screaming Alex Jones types. 

It’s useful to think of the mainstream media as controlled opposition as well

So what is Goodman doing at Standing Rock? Her job. She is controlled opposition. She has to cover these events, but in such a way that no movement arises, and that we never really get to the bottom of it.

That is the whole point of controlled opposition. If we had outright censorship, where media was prohibited from covering protesters, people might become aware how thorough and deeply embedded censorship is in our country.…

You may think the face splitting technology is Goldbuggery, but POM has excellent insights all around his blog. 

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12 thoughts on “Consider the MSM controlled opposition

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Ab said -” You may think the face splitting technology is Goldbuggery, but POM has excellent insights all around his blog. ”

    Or, you may think, as I do, that the whole blog is full of shite. This is nothing personal, Mark’s been nothing but polite – no, I’m talking about the research being shite.
    Jeez, Mark’s pumping out straw men like turds. Forget DGB and POM, this is IBS and a serious bout, at that.

    This seems fairly obvious disinformation to me at this point and it’s not where I’m at, at all.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        ‘Face-splitting technology’ ? ‘Side-splitting comedy’, more like.
        Thank God all these famous people aren’t Chinese, I’d be lost. They all look the same to me, the Chinese. It’s the McCartney 1964 haircut as much as anything, it can all get confusing, and he’s another one, McCartney. Have you used the ‘face-splitting’ technology on Macca and was he a twin or a triplet maybe ? Whatever he was, I’m sure the face-splitting will reveal all.

        Good luck. I’ve made my case.

        1. Mark Tokarski

          Don’t know you, don’t trust easily at this site as it seems infested. Evidence seems the last thing on your mind. The Mccartney business, for instance, is settled work. It is not open to question. We found the photos of the twins in their youth, learned the differences between them, found them both playing the part of “Paul” at various times, easily distinguished. We learned the role of the fake brother, “Mike McGear,” and the professional beard used to cover the transition between the two, Jane Asher. Show me a photo of McC right now, I’ll tell you which one it is.

          You’re aware of none of this evidence and yet highly critical of the findings. For that reason, I do not take you seriously. End of story.

        2. straightfromthedevilsmouth

          Again. Not a shred of evidence. You have nothing, Tom. But orders from superiors to blackwash this. All you’re left with is empty rebuttals and upvoting and downvoting posts with multiple IPs.

          As for Willard, I have a special rebuttal coming for you very soon.

            1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

              Be nice Vespadouglas. You don’t happen to be from India with a name like “Vespa”? Lots of outsourced Indian disinfo agents on the internet. Would hate to see you be another one.

  2. Mark Tokarski

    Thanks for the kind words. About our face-splitting technology, what we are finding is a large number of entrants into mainstream media were once rock stars who fake died. I don’t know why they go through this ritual. One suggestion is that they simply like to keep it in the family, since anyone who is “famous” in our society has to be connected to wealthy families by some means. But they are there and they do fake their deaths. I have a list of future outings that my friend straightfromthedevilsmouth keeps building on, but have been traveling and unable to keep up.

    We have tapped a vein, and I suspect that Dallas Goldbug was assigned to do the same type of work, and to do it so shoddily in order to head off people like us at the pass. He discredits anyone else who comes near it. That makes him a psy-op, nothing more. He has been incredibly effective at pushing people away, protecting the hidden-in-plain-view truth we are exposing. He’s just doing his job. Heck, I would not be surprised if the guy makes what … $10-15,000 a year for his labors? He is amazingly talented … At discrediting honest people.

    No matter. We intend to push forward, overcoming the Goldbug fog in the process. Our work is solid and can be replicated. Walk around large cities and thousands of people as I have done these last three weeks, and observe the human face in all its beautiful intricacy. No two are alike.

    The Bill Hicks/Alex Jones comparison was a sand trap, we realize. However, Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. To prove that, we didn’t do facial splitting, but rather compared the teeth of the two men by means of PhotoShop layering. They are identical. That is, in a word, proof. Don’t believe us? Find a person with a set of teeth that match yours in every detail.

    1. willard

      @Mark, I am trying to understand your position so please help me here. By looking at the Bill Hicks/ Alex Jones swap, the idea that someone faked his or her death and became a media starred first occurred to you.

      Then, by analyzing the Laurel Canyon Massacre, [where you learned someone who allegedly died was not listed in the Social Security Index as you posted here,]…

      you began to examine whether or or not some rock stars became media figures? Is that the genesis?

      Please walk me through the discovery process as I am trying to imagine, was it Mark T or Straighfromthedevils mouth, who first looked at, say, Gary Hinman, and said, “I think he is Maury Povich”

      1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

        I suspect your motives aren’t pure in trying to gather that information, Willard. Please tell us why you would like to know. I got the impression from your earlier posts that you have already dismissed us. Why are you interested now?

        1. willard

          Please walk me through the discovery process as I am trying to imagine, was it Mark T or Straighfromthedevils mouth, who first looked at, say, Gary Hinman, and said, “I think he is Maury Povich”

          I would really like to know who it was that looked at a deceased figure from 1960s and thought the person was a contemporary media figure. I am curious about how the process began.

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