CC 12 : Hi, ‘Farcevalue’, ‘Prescient’ and the Titanic Hoax : 9/11 Anniversary Show

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4 thoughts on “CC 12 : Hi, ‘Farcevalue’, ‘Prescient’ and the Titanic Hoax : 9/11 Anniversary Show

  1. Jack33

    I remember the day I finally became aware and the weeks and months immediately after. I was a nervous, paranoid, emotional wreck!

    The trepidation of potentially loosing everything you once believed in is usually enough to discourage most from considering seriously any alternate theories of the events that shape their lives.

    Farcevalue nails it with his Jenga analogy.
    Most people would prefer and are happy living in a world that makes sense to them. No need to go pulling on any of the wood blocks for fear it may crumble.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      I hear ya. I can also speak from experience that even if you don’t worry about that, the responses from some loved ones make you concerned for their mental capacity to handle the cognitive dissonance of facing the pressure of their culture (the TV and Hollywood religion) and their own reason at the same time.

      Most people are operating not logically but on emotional pleas and such put in their head by State propaganda. Letting that feeling down makes them as nervous as does — say, a divorce or a religious conversion.

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