We get 9/11 mail

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Why we don’t get more of this is beyond me. 

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Comment: Your disgusting and ignorant. Before you publish information do your homework. Baseline Financial absolutely existed and it was most definitely housed in 78/77 floors of the World Trade Center. It was purchased by Thomson Financial who also purchased IBES international from Primark and moved both companies and made them share space on those floors. It is insane and irresponsible not to mention disrespectful to call into question and claim that these individuals experiences were fake. It is day that I will never forget and you are a lowlife

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5 thoughts on “We get 9/11 mail

  1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

    They know you’re not going to believe it. What they are banking on, I think, is for you (or anybody reading it) to feel a hint of guilt or shame just in case you have 0.00000001% doubt about 9/11 being fake.

    That’s why her opening and closing lines are guilt-inducing insults. Everything in between is just an excuse to write, I think the entire email is an attempted shame sandwich. I hope everybody recognizes that and brings it to their conscious, so that it doesn’t fall to their subconscious.

  2. Hoi Polloi

    Don’t get me started on “James F. Murphy IV” the only simployee of “Thomson Financial” with two pictures that make the Frankensteinian character look like they were pieced together from a vague memory, and with a name itself a second or third variation of the Jim/Murphy sets.

    One “Baseline” sim and one “Thomson” sim. That’s two extremely dubious identities we’re supposed to get all “verklempt” about, like the Holocaust hoax? PLEASE!

    Put up “Vanessa”! I don’t mourn for vicsims.

  3. Hoi Polloi

    This could be someone who benefited from “Baseline Financial” (or promoting its story) if it even existed, one could reasonably assume. There’s not even a stub for the so-called corporation on Wickedpedia! Yet you can visit www.baselinefinancial.com and this is probably totally a coincidence but their marketing manager shares a name with ass-true-NOT “Mark Kelly” 😛 har har

    In all seriousness, though, someone telling you to do your homework without producing any themselves is posting out of desperation or deception. And even if they got some purchasing agreement on paper, it does not equate to a real visit to the WTC in mid to late 2001, or documented proof of the company’s operation in a financially struggling overpriced waste of real estate in three dimensions, which actually made more money in its demolition than it probably had made since the 1993 “test of terror”.

    And it certainly doesn’t disprove that the sole Baseline simployee that supposedly died in the towers (“Ruth Sheila Lapin”) looks like a morph of its adjacent (supposedly unrelated) cousins “Vincent A. Laieta” and “Anna A. Laverty”. Give me a break!

    I mean whose “experiences” is this e-mailer even claiming to represent?

  4. Barbara Müller

    good point, dear AB, if there really was such an horrible incident and somebody would question it, like you do, all the real victims would have all the reasons to sue you. This is further prove, we’re not wrong here.

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