Split screen interview?

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Osama was quite the boogeyman – watching this 0;interview”, I’m wondering if you think, as I do, it was a split screen composite where the two actors weren’t even in the same room, similar to a distant interview from the past as well.

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4 thoughts on “Split screen interview?

  1. arthur king

    That is possible- it doesn’t really matter though as the whole thing is ridiculous. The press can find a terrorist mastermind but the USA military and post cold war intelligence services cannot? He would have had a Facebook page and Youtube channel were he ‘alive’ and ‘active’ today.

    “Brendan Hunt (xrayultra) presents all of the Osama bin Laden footage currently available online. The clips are ordered chronologically by date of release. Analysis of the videos from 2002 onwards indicate probable fraud. Both US President Bush and Obama benefitted enormously from the perpetuation of the bin Laden myth.”

    (watch the video- Bin Laden had a media advisor)

    This group seems to manufacture the fake terrorist videos more so than ‘translating’…

  2. arthur king

    Bin Laden did a series of interviews in the late 90’s like he had a press agent. The man is nothing but another live action cartoon. The Bin Laden Family is more myth than real. Its probably just another front.


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