Hillary Clinton Psyop 

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Update 9/18:

I’ve titled this post as click bait.

I don’t know what’s going on, which means may be in overdrive right now and we have to wait.

Opening up the floor for discussion. Don’t rot your teeth on all this conspiracy candy.


A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 “Eyewitness News” in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying “more on Hillary Clinton’s Death.”   The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!

Did Hillary die after leaving the 9-11 Ceremony in New York . . .  and the information is being concealed?  A whole slew of irregularities have cropped-up indicating that may actually be the case!

I was wondering of POM/Mark was going to start drawing his pupil face lines on the two? Hillarys – apparently he’s not sure what’s going on either.

Cluesforum weighs in.

 Update 9/15 Russianvids adds a layer

Update: 9/16

A mannequin?

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5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Psyop 

  1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

    It’s interesting that, to stephen and arthur king, it’s worth sacrificing their status here by calling the owner of this site a “cultist”, just to attempt to blackwash September Clues and Miles Mathis. It shows that one of their main objectives of being here, is to attack those two sources.

    It’s also interesting that I’ve never seen stephen post here without including Youtube links to music videos. Almost like he has a template and a script of how each of his posts is supposed to look. In my opinion, it’s a cover for his poor English, since he is most likely an outsourced Indian disinfo agent.

    What intrigues me the most is that it really does appear like they used a Hillary dummy in that video. The video that exposes it is textbook disinfo, so they WANT us to focus on the dummy. Double interesting since I didn’t see anybody else claiming it was a dummy before this sudden onslaught of videos/posts. So they purposely revealed that it was and now all the disinfo aligned with that view (arthur king and stephen) have started attacking Clues and Mathis from the other side of their mouth.

    My opinion is that of Blue Moon/Tyrone, who on POM said that the purpose of all these stunts is to get us to keep paying attention. They don’t care if we see through it, as long as we don’t go off the beaten path. “Just keep looking at us, don’t look anywhere else”. Meanwhile, I am positive they will slip in subconscious cues that you won’t even notice. It’s best to ignore this noise, dummy or not. I just wanted to call these disinfo agents out to any neutral viewers reading this.

    1. ab Post author

      I too am fatigued by Stephen. He can go ahead and register here then I’ll consider allowing him to insult me and my favorite sites. I won’t even post an inappropriate youtube link saying “see ya later”.

  2. stephen

    “The Real Thing – You To Me Are Everything”:

    “Sorry you’re wrong. Simon and Hoi are the two clearest thinkers on the net, and they are provably two different people. No one place is right about everything, but cluesforum.info… is pretty close.”

    Add to the hero worshipping of ol’ SS [super-shack] and that’s the kind of talk you hear from Cultists. You don’t really stand by it do you Ab? “The two clearest thinkers on the net”! Where’s the evidence, what do you base that on? Crazy talk, the sort of thing little girls say about their Pop Star. How small does one’s world need to be to believe that, how low the standards?

    “Provably two different people”? Doesn’t preclude a limited number coordinately arguing among themselves under various alias, different brands across various sites.

    “No one place is right about everything, but cluesforum.info… is pretty close”! Close to right about everything? Come on, that’s inane.

    Curtis Mayfield – Superfly:

    I do think Shack and Hoi are different people; I speculate the Simon Shack Operation [SOS] is a group working together, like the Miles Mathis Operation [MOM], indeed that they are the same people. It wouldn’t surprise me if the music on Ace Bakers Psy Opera was provided by the SS Social Service. It’s possible the slightly less irritating Hoi is a dupe, [ha-har, maybe that’s why he’s called Hoi polloi], but both SOS and its MOM have the same smarmy arrogance, pompous show-off vanity and scattering of ridiculous claims. Here’s, dismissive, Super Shacker last month in their Miles Magnificat thread:

    “Yes, Allan – been both busy and (finally) managed to relax with new lovely gf at the beachside lately. I should soon ‘return to normal forum activity’ again, though.” Yuk, is that the Gorgeous Genius talking?

    Here Stink Shack does Sub-Zap Pa in bed with some of his, many, girlfriends, “Weatherchange – by Simon Shack & friends”:

    Maybe I’m just jealous but Simple Simon has links to the Bin Laden Story, and none of the Shack Cult find that anything other than coincidence, even though they will take the fact of two letters, or numbers, being the same as evidence for fake event, fake people, vast conspiracies based on innuendo that this person shares the same colour underpants as that person in 1942, or was it 1947?

    By the way Ace’s Opera is far superior to anything appearing under the Clues banner, I’d even still recommend it, apart from the final chapter, to anyone not yet clued-up.

    So yes, I agree “The precious Clues Forum is little more than a limited hang out…” And any sensible person would think about links to, from and around it. Split-Face-Man and his buddies come to mindful.

    “Neil Armstrong – The Truth beyond Belief”:

    Move on from partial reveals, we were supposed to work out 9-11, that’s why it’s shoddy despite being in the works for decades, that’s why there are so many clues, spread over those decades, to find; compare it to the superb work of Art the moon-landings were, even JFK: 9-11 illuminates so much if you want it. Grow from 9-11, don’t wallow in fake, enjoy real things, wonder on the truth of existence; or something like that.

    Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (1970) HQ Audio:

  3. arthur king

    “Re: THE “CHATBOX”
    Postby hoi.polloi on September 12th, 2016, 11:31 pm

    Good points. It raises a lot of questions. Thanks for being on top of it and keeping the discussion in the public eye.

    We do have subtle distinctions to make, as people as experienced as we are, but we definitely have to keep pushing the topics to the front as you’re doing. I appreciate it. It is important that people are not “taken away” with absolutely false lies from and about the so-called government.”

    “Hillary” in the 9/11/16 collapse clip is a dummy or life size doll. That is very obvious. Odd how the so-called ‘experts’ at the so-called ‘clues forum’ can’t figure this out. Maybe they should learn a bit more about how special effects and illusions really work. They also need a lesson explaining what digital artifacts are.

    The precious Clues Forum is little more than a limited hang out populated by sock puppets.

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