NASA gatekeeper

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Lousy audio, but still fun to listen to Bart bash and tell stories about the a$$-true-NOTs.
There’s not much logic in Bart’s approach, since he is sure the moon landings were faked but says everything else NASA does in Low Earth Orbit is real.

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6 thoughts on “NASA gatekeeper

  1. Barbara Müller

    why wasting time watching older shills since we know for sure, NASA cannot send any humans into space? The only thing I’m interested in the space hoax is the prove, satellites are fake also. I haven’t seen such a prove yet so far. On the other side some object, we call the fake ISS, is regularly and very on time flying very high and very fast, which cannot be any airplane of known type because the airplanes always appear much slower than the fake ISS and can be easily followed with telescopes and identified as airplanes. And there are tv- satellites since the early 80-s and I’m not buying the explanations using metallic clouds or other SciFi stuff. Back in the 80-s there wasn’t any cellular towers or other terrestrial broadcasting objects and still, I received tv programs over 30 years ago using a dish pointed to the same position in space no matter where the dish was placed. I did that in two different places in Germany about 1000km apart after my family moved from Rostock to Bavaria. The only explanation I have is, satellites are real.

    1. ab Post author

      The only conclusion I’ve been able to make is that you’re here to troll, Barbara. Here’s 52 pages on cluesforum with enough skepticism to bring all your dancing lights back to earth. If you get through this and you’re still convinced that space and its science fiction is real, then it’s probably time to move on from here.

      As I’ve said many times – our controllers have to prove they exist – we don’t have to prove they don’t exist. You can’t prove a negative.

      1. Barbara Müller

        and I already said, that I agree to the most of it except satellites. I repeated my arguments many times and you, dear AB, ignore it consequently every time. There are no answers to my arguments on the cluesforum and not here either. I know you guys like to throw out not only silly trolls but also critics you don’t like. That happen here and on cluesforum too. So you may simply ban me, if you consider my questions unfounded. But don’t tell me again of some mysterious metallic clouds or mysterious U2 airplanes because those things seem to me definitely much less believable than satellites. I have no problems repeating some of my arguments again. Airplanes always appear slower the higher they fly no matter that they have to fly faster then to keep the altitude. Airplanes use air to fly, air always moves, there are winds, storms, etc. so no airplane can fly on time like the fake ISS does every time for every observer. Those times are being predicted days in advance. To the second. For every observer. How’s that possible for airplanes? What about Iridium flares? I did catch them on photos a couple of times. I also asked many times and you never reacted: did you ever used a telescope to follow an airplane or the fake ISS? Did you ever watch the big red spot on Jupiter moving? Did you ever see the rings of Saturn? Did you ever positioned a satellite dish to watch TV? That’s what I did many times and that’s why I’m convinced satellites are real. What’s wrong in my conclusions? Just because you never tried something yourself does not mean it’s not working. I’m using a pretty good telescope now but even a discount toy works nice today, satellite dishes can be used from a balcony of a flat, all of it is easy to practice for everybody. Well, not that easy.It requires patience and time to learn. Maybe you try it yourself instead of simply not believing.
        I’m not your enemy just because I don’t agree to something you say. Not everything out there is a lie.

    2. Aris Tocles


      Are you saying you had a satellite dish/receiver while your family was living in Rostock in the 80s? That is interesting. Rostock is located in the area formerly known to westerners as East Germany. How did your family acquire a “satellite receiver” while living in the GDR? The Berlin Wall came down in Nov 89.

      So the “satellite” used in Germany is the Astra group of “satellites”. These are in geostationary orbit, in the Clarke Belt. The Clarke Belt is named after Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction author who said geostationary orbit was possible in an article in Wireless Magazine. He actually got the idea from Herman Poto?nik (Also known as Hermann Noordung) who also first floated the the idea of a permanently manned space station in The Problem of Space Travel in 1928. NASA has translated that book if you are so inclined. It is probably the basis for all their bullshit.…

      1. ab Post author

        Everything satellites are said to do are done from the ground. Sirius satellite radio is just a series of high powered transmitters for rural areas and traditional transmitters in urban areas. Digital tech of the 90s just allows more data transfer with the same RF bandwidth.

      2. Barbara Müller

        yep, dear Aric. I’m from East Germany. My father build the receiver himself using a description in a electronic magazine, He was a passionate engineer and always up to date. The dish was also home made. Some skilled friend of my father made a couple of such dishes using a model and aluminium plates. The only thing he had to buy on the black market was the LNB (the actual antenna part of the dish). After the border opened we moved to what my father consider to be the best part of Germany, to Bavaria. The home made dish worked there as fine as in Rostock and was only later replaced by a digital set. It wasn’t Astra back then. I think it was some french satellite and there wasn’t much to see. Only one program for a couple of hours. It was the technology, which fascinated my father. So what is your explanation how this technology works if its not a satellite? You know, you have to point the antenna precise to one certain point up in space, do you? To the same point in Rostock as in Bavaria. How does it work and how did it work in the early 80-s?

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