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Casey Neistat, proper gandist

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I’ve been watching this highly promoted youtuber for quite some time. He mostly flies planes and drones and travels to places I’ll never go. 

When there’s a psyop close to his home base,  NYC, he’s there to authenticate.

He gets more views than the news anchors, and younger eyes too. 

Your culture creators are everywhere to influence the populace. 

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Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce are really two people? 

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This is all conspiracy candy to me, but I’m sure others who like this woman will be drawn to it. Our culture creators love to fool the public and get away with it. It’s all a big game to them, a game of mockery. 

In 2008, Beyonce released an album called “I Am… Sasha Fierce” which she claimed was her tough alter-ego.

This now makes sense when you consider the other twin is less friendly. Fans interpret this as “Beyonce’s bad-ass side”, but the truth is different. The last few years Beyonce traded in her wholesome/classy image for an ultra-sexual, gender conflict (her recent album had songs attacking her husband for cheating on her), and racial conflict (Black Panthers homage at the Super Bowl, in-your-face “I’m black, deal with it” type lyrics and imagery (despite being completely unnecessary). I believe that is because you are seeing more and more of the other twin, who sells conflict much better than pretty and nice Beyonce.

Beyoncé is not dead, was not replaced by a body double. She is twins.

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The Royal Show

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Amazing article lays out our reality.

Do The Royalty Literally Run The Show?We all seem to really enjoy being entertained. Singing and dancing is natural. Every human is an artist. The thing is art has been used to enslave the minds of the masses for generations because we naturally enjoy entertainment. The idea of the 5 day work week and blowing off steam after work with a beer and a song is something commercials have promoted for years. Maybe it’s past time we rethink this scheme. Perhaps a 3 day work week is in order in this magical age of cloud computing. Imagine the world that could be built if the imaginations of most of us were set free. Television is a powerful tool. The actors and performers are literally in our living rooms. We tend to regard our favorite celebrities like we consider our friends and family. This is due to our inherent behavioral natures, which this medium is used to take advantage of. We tend to parrot and monkey each other’s behavior. Here television is used to sell the public on new ideas of fashion and sexual freedom. These ideas themselves have obvious merit, but the multimedia beast uses these cultural creations to create division among the public. In other words we are naturally free to do as we please with our bodies and with others who agree with us. We shouldn’t go around forcing other people to act or think how we deem fit. What you do is on you. But this obvious logical application of the Golden Rule is ignored by the multimedia beast which promotes various forms of social shepherding and behavioral control. People are encouraged to join groups of the like minded, more often than not led by controlled opposition figures, who are figurative “Led Zeppelins” who will never actually go anywhere. This makes managing the resources of ‘the estate’ that much easier. Better still keep the public fighting over nonsense like sexual preference, rather than allowing the public to get our act together so we can collectively change things to our advantage. The political system, and events like the presidential elections, are means of social control through team building division. We are supposed to worry about Trump or Hillary – getting in, instead of realizing it doesn’t matter who is in office. What matters is knowing what to ask of the system. If enough of us get together it might be possible to slightly alter our collective fate. We might be able to end some of the war on drugs, for example. This is one of the most obvious examples of government corruption and how private business benefits from this imposed fraudulent so called legal system by way of the absurd prison system. Historically, the nobility were the only ones with the time to learn the arts in the first place. They were literate and the masses not so much.Things must have changed as the merchant or middle class rose.I have a book of old renaissance wood cuts and they show the royal ladies playing lutes and other musical instruments, for example. It’s pretty clear that these are also the people who enjoy playing dress up on elaborate stages. The royal court robes and the powdered wigs are all part of the show.The royals are also the traditional patrons of the arts. They paid and pay for the architecture and the rest of the cultural artifacts used to keep the masses in their place. It’s like the Pied Piper fable. Religion is another construct paid for by the nobles to control the masses. They paid for all the art and architecture. This defines the imagination of the mass public. It’s basic psychology. The university system was also the creation of the nobility and was heavily influenced by the Jesuit order.It is a traveling Royal Road Show. They literally sent artists around the world to create this world wide empire we know today. The New World Order has been around for a long time. Well over 200 years or so. Masons are just artists of one kind or another.It’s like the tales of the traveling elf royalty from Celtic mythology or the gypsy’s coming to town and putting on a show, a traveling carnival. Basically the world is run by carnies. These families are the real ‘Mafia’.

Source: Welcome To The Royal Show, Be Prepared To Be Deceived – You Won’t Believe The Lies! — A Proper Gander At Propaganda

via http://hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.ca/2016/09/hoax-busters-mi-cultura-es-su-cultura.html

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