Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce are really two people? 

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This is all conspiracy candy to me, but I’m sure others who like this woman will be drawn to it. Our culture creators love to fool the public and get away with it. It’s all a big game to them, a game of mockery. 

In 2008, Beyonce released an album called “I Am… Sasha Fierce” which she claimed was her tough alter-ego.

This now makes sense when you consider the other twin is less friendly. Fans interpret this as “Beyonce’s bad-ass side”, but the truth is different. The last few years Beyonce traded in her wholesome/classy image for an ultra-sexual, gender conflict (her recent album had songs attacking her husband for cheating on her), and racial conflict (Black Panthers homage at the Super Bowl, in-your-face “I’m black, deal with it” type lyrics and imagery (despite being completely unnecessary). I believe that is because you are seeing more and more of the other twin, who sells conflict much better than pretty and nice Beyonce.

Beyoncé is not dead, was not replaced by a body double. She is twins.

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