7 thoughts on “Watch drinkers forget 9/11

  1. Barbara Müller

    and before AB will ban me because of satellites, I don’t believe you can learn anything from watching TV. Everything on TV is fake. No real person ever makes it to the screen without signing a complete waterproof non-disclosure agreement. So all people on the screen are actors in some way, saying scripted things only. Ever tried to film a cop? Do they behave that way? Will they arrest the interviewer and not the cameraman?

    1. ab Post author

      You’re being extreme, I’ve been in TV and signed nothing. As for your satellites are real nonsense, put up or shut up with some proof of the W5 of how the satellite operation works, from launch to servicing to decommissioning.

      1. Barbara Müller

        I’ve never seen any launch myself, only the videos, which I consider fake. All of them. So I have no idea how a working rocket engine looks and so do you. All we saw were some fake videos which are easy to criticize. But that doesn’t mean, rocket engine do not exists It only means, we, the regular people, have no idea if this technology exists OR NOT! Get it, dear AB? The only thing I know for sure is, that I can receive TV programs using a satellite dish and occasionally watch some bright object I call the fake ISS, which is not an airplane and appears to be a satellite. We know of course that the rules of physics allow planets and moons to orbit so human made satellites are not impossible. The most convincing explanation for what the fake ISS is, seems to be, that it’s a human made satellite. The most convincing explanation for the dish receiving tv programs is, that it’s a satellite over there sending them. I don’t believe in invisible airplanes flying exactly to the second on predicted times around the world or in metallic clouds bouncing tv signals in a way you need a dish to receive them. You call that extreme and nonsense? I call mystical U2 airplanes using spots to blind me and metallic clouds nonsense. So far you did not produce any other explanation, dear AB.

        1. ab Post author

          Dear Barbie,
          I’ve enjoyed our conversations, but you ignore my points as much or more as I’ve disregarded yours. I can’t give you any more energy, and hope our exchanges have enlightened a few people. Auf Wiedersehen!

  2. Barbara Müller

    I don’t believe such videos are real. It’s scripted provocation. Even those cops don’t look real to me. And that guy simply confirmed what Alex Jones and other agents provocateurs claim.

      1. Aris Tocles

        Sideshow Bob has changed his look. He’s the guy that asked the Bldg 7 question to Gnome Chumpsky at UF where he said his infamous spend two hours on the internet and think they know physics comment. He is also involved in that annual Free Your Mind Conference honey pot.

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