Uranium city 

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Update 9/21

Interesting link to an interesting blog.

Faking So Called Science: Is Nuclear Energy Just A Photochemical Reaction?

“The idea of atomic energy is illusionary but it has taken so powerful a hold on the minds, that although I have preached against it for twenty-five years, there are still some who believe it to be realizable.”

— Nikola Tesla

Canada played a central part in the nuke hoax, all paid for by taxpayers to one extent or another.

Was the mining a cover story for gold exploration?

H/t Xileffelix

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2 thoughts on “Uranium city 

  1. arthur king

    “Was the mining a cover story for gold exploration? ”
    A very good question. There is something to this idea. Just google the history of nuclear energy. It is obviously flawed science. All they seemed to have discovered is some kind of photoelectric type effect like fluorescence. If you could time travel, you’d be able to win a Nobel (Noble?) Prize for proving Atomic Energy with a glow stick.

  2. xileffilex

    They don’t seem too bothered about radiation in the clean-up, just asbestos, acidification of the lakes. Cover up the radioactive “tailings” with some topsoil and off we go.


    and where’s that big hole in the ground at 0.20 here –

    where the lake is?


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