Excreting stories

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The writers are shitting out some of the most obnoxious stories lately.

The sad part are the news heads and commentators that snicker but don’t even scratch their heads once over the veracity of this obviously fake story.

They’re once more plumbing the depths of gullibility of the dopey masses.

An unusual Canadian news story is getting plenty of attention from international press, and the headlines pretty much sum up the story.From Russia Today: “Laying the Golden Eggs.”From CNN: “Canadian Mint employee may have smuggled gold where the sun don’t shine.”And, as German broadcaster Deutsche Welle delicately put it: “Canadian Mint employee accused of stealing gold hidden up his bum.”Indeed, Barrhaven, Ont. resident Leston Lawrence, 38, is a hot topic at water coolers this week as he stands trial for allegedly stealing $180,000 of gold pucks from the Royal Canadian Mint and trading them for cash at an Ottawa mall.

Source: Mint employee accused of smuggling $180K of gold up rectum | CTV News

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