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Good review of the Christopher Reeve celebrity disease/injury

We know it’s unwise to trust what wee see on screes or in print. Truth gets mixed with fiction and we have trouble telling which is which. When Hollywood actors are involved, and the news story is promoted everywhere, we should be very suspicious that what we are seeing is more theater than not. Celebrities have long been associated with various causes. This is something we have been conditioned to accept as normal. We are not to realize that the entire multimedia beast is indeed on huge example of yellow journalism, complete with its use of cartoon characters, appeals to sympathy, sensational claims, fake so-called experts and so on.

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3 thoughts on “Super dupe

  1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

    I’m on the same page with Reeve’s injury being fake, Michael J. Fox’s Parkinsons is fake, Robin Williamses’ depression is fake, and Montel Williamses’ MS is fake, etc.

    I am suspicious about Aaron Morris however. I have noticed him before. At this point, I’m wondering why he’s giving us this limited hangout. Will he transition to Flat Earth?

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