9/11 vicsims with real-life counterparts (Master List)

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WHO DISAPPEARED ON ?Here we might consider keeping an updated master list of all the vicsims created from real persons. That is, which virtual identities, morphed and digitally squished into the big 9/11 Wall of Tears (and perhaps even 0;birthed” multiple other vicsims from modifications of various iterations of their submitted face information) were real, flesh-and-blood, walking, talking, breathing human beings with the exact same name as their vicsim counterpart? To put it simply, who was faked as a 9/11 death, by the Vicsim?(This last point is to distinguish them from living real people who have had their faces used for artificial vicsim identity creation, such as , Donald Rumsfeld, the cast of Seinfeld, etc. — obviously none of whom perished in 2001, but whose faces were used to photoshop/morph vicsims)Please use the comment section (all posts beyond this one) to propose your case, but please use the following conditions to qualify the vicsim as a real person:

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