RR20-Ab, Prescient, Justsayindude, Audioerror

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Another big session with some of my favorite people.


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<05:02:30> “Justsayin Dude”: not working huh
<05:10:26> “Justsayindude”: different machine, can hear the audio through headset now
<05:35:09> “Justsayindude”: naturalsociety.com/mit-scienti…
<05:35:15> “Justsayindude”: naturalsociety.com/mit-scienti…
<05:37:28> “Justsayindude”: vaccine-injury.info/gmo-autism…
<05:38:08> “Justsayindude”: www.anh-usa.org/half-of-all-ch…
<06:31:37> “Justsayindude”: boom boom boom – teh big head todd version
<06:31:48> “Justsayindude”: “the”
<07:18:33> “Prescient”: away
<07:30:16> “Typoerror”: no good rollo
<07:32:34> “Typoerror”: mic knacked.
<07:41:20> “Typoerror”: cant do it listening in
<07:46:27> “Typoerror”: bye Jsd. Firewater” woke up down”
<07:58:35> “Prescient”: back
<07:58:54> “Typoerror”: hi prescient,
<08:01:30> “Prescient”: hi typo!
<08:12:56> “Typoerror”: lol
<08:13:37> “Typoerror”: ive gone to push to talk
<08:35:04> “Typoerror”: it’ll all hang together.
<08:36:52> “Typoerror”: ghost writer hinted @ a character like TB
<08:39:52> “Typoerror”: Gave hong kong back.
<08:43:13> “Typoerror”: sorry
<08:43:48> “Prescient”: The killings of Tony Blair
<08:45:19> “Typoerror”: fictional account was “The Deal”l
<08:56:01> “Typoerror”: Need to play a tune
<08:57:27> “Typoerror”: still rockin’ here eh. he’s in bed.
<09:00:16> “Typoerror”: like james bond
<09:07:11> “Typoerror”: lol
<09:07:32> “Typoerror”: specs/?
<09:08:14> “Typoerror”: activate
<09:09:07> “Typoerror”: squatting @ te folkz house
<09:10:05> “Typoerror”: abs arrived
<09:10:55> “Typoerror”: thatll be e
<09:11:36> “Typoerror”: i should be
<09:34:17> “Typoerror”: moral degeneracy
<09:34:57> “Typoerror”: clser to D when you’re younger
<09:35:12> “Typoerror”: riskz
<09:54:34> “Prescient”: put in the chat
<09:54:40> “Typoerror”: yes if i cn overcoe audio
<09:54:43> “Prescient”: Somethign about phil?
<09:55:04> “Prescient”: I’ve got to go soon….
<09:55:09> “Prescient”: Sorry!
<09:55:22> “Typoerror”: bye.

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6 years ago

Great chat with Prescient and Justsayindude. Prescient get is quite right about the controlled UK Guardian newspaper to shape the opinions of the bleeding heart liberals] but is way off beam concerning the division into hoax sceptics into religious/non religious. The biggest HYPAR gatekeepers I’ve encountered, in places like the Guardian, are the self-promoting “evidence based” psientists and psecularists who won’t go near 7/7, 9/11 or any other major drill other than to support the official narrative.
PS at 2:37:40 I thought we were going to get this from Rollo