Killing the spirit

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I love music. I listened to radio far more for music than talk. Music usually makes you feel good, even if it’s a sad song. It just feels good to feel, and music helps achieve this.

Researching fakeology is just the opposite. The eggs we find are to make us feel smarter than the rest, who are busy worrying or feeling bad. We can’t really tell them to feel better, since they can’t or refuse to see what we see. In the end, we see and experience negativity no matter which way we look at it. It can therefore be debilitating, which leads to exhaustion, which leads to withdrawal altogether from the research in order to recover.

The goal of our psyop controllers is to simply debilitate us over time, by breaking the bonds of people and things that make us feel good. They are true life Grinches. Like the cartoon, I doubt they will ultimately win, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

This leads me to this wonderful video. It has Ray Charles, Gospel, Christmas, choirs filled with colorfully dressed blacks, and an audience filled mostly with whites. These are all things I enjoy.  All are united in celebrating a wonderful common belief, Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the show. You just have to be human.

This is probably the goal of the tyrants that are bombarding us daily with their fake false negative news. Break these wonderful beliefs that make people unite and celebrate. Music and religion are among the most powerful ties that bind. Loosening them is a very tall order, and requires military strength to even attempt to weaken them.

This is why I’m sure the controllers are using the military and all its suppliers to carry out this monumental and never ending task.  It won’t end until the US disbands its paid, standing army. Can this happen? Not until people realise the threat is their owners, instead of their neighbors.

This will be the true awakening. Might it happen? I see it as a race between those that actively spread the knowledge, and those that work to limit the tools to do the spreading.

I only hope we will win the race.

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Synchronicity strikes – a fellow worker sent me this today.

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