Show me the virus 

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I like this Dr. He’s a vegan, and is highly (self?) promoted. Here he questions the BLV, and asks if it can cause cancer in humans as it does with cows. 

I asked him the question that I always do: are viri real and can you show me an image of one, or are they fake science? Can anyone show me a BLV? 

I asked the Dr. in the comments. Let’s hope it wasn’t ghosted out. 

As for me, I stopped drinking cow milk (thanks to Freelea) after drinking it raw (thanks to Alex Jones). It makes sense to me that it’s for cow young, and not humans. Cheese is a harder one to stop eating, but I am considering it. 

I put this entry here instead of since I believe virology is fraudulent. Bacteria is real, but I doubt viri. 

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3 thoughts on “Show me the virus 

  1. Marin

    Bacteria are a real thing. Bacteria and fungi are developped within a body , human, animal and plants. A phenomenal discovery made by a French genius A. Bechamp between 1856 and 1860.
    Good or “bad” bact. don’t exist, they build up or clear up . What they have us teached is a big lie. What they don’t tell you that degenerate L. Pasteur has cheated the whole bloody lot, Koch not much better.

    Material: Bechamp or Pasteur: a lost chapter in the history of biologie. Douglas Hume.…

      1. Marin

        I believe different strains of bacteria in the wrong part of the body can be fatal. Intestinal bacteria that gets in to the blood, for instance.

        Nope.this is impossible.See for this the material from Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Alas, you have no understanding of the German language. Forget everything you have learned from the medical field. Just B.S.

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