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Always wondered about the history of snarky brianv at cluesforum.info. Now I know why he’s held in high esteem – and rightly so.

brianv’s pioneering early research into the flight data is reproduced here, taken from his original posts at LetsRoll (link below)http://letsrollforums.com//ssa-and-publ … light=ssdiOn a hunch, I tried to search for the name 0;Titus Davidson” which was a “lost” vicsim on flight 11, no longer listed elsewhere. Weirdly, there is another Titus — but used as a last name for a vicsim credited on the flight 175 list: Alicia [N.] Titus

Before anyone else wonders why brianv is on this forum, besides that fact that there’s not really a reason for him not to be here, let’s please remember just a few facts about his record:

1. He was in the earliest people questioning the actual existence of the deaths, before Simon or I formally looked into it at 911movement.org — figuratively ahead of most of us by many miles — years before Simon’s ‘September Clues’

Source: View topic – FOIA Request for 9/11 Flight Envelopes • Cluesforum.info

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