Gaddaffi Duck

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Different spellings, different actors playing the part. If you can’t convince, confuse. Mission accomplished with Gaddafi and Libya.

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1 thought on “Gaddaffi Duck

  1. xilefflex

    The staged “death” of Gadaffi with a double was one of the events which belatedly woke me up. I couldn’t fathom why everybody else bought it as a real event. Jungle Surfer is right on the money here. I wouldn’t worry too much about the spelling,, Ab. It depends on how you transcribe ??????? Definitely a world actor, definitely didn’t die near Sirt/Sirte.
    Here’s the Wikilies history for reference…

    PS oh the arabic won’t show.. it’s the third word from the right in the lower, bolder headline here – Gadaffi/Qadafi etc etc…


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