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You have to fake it, right Mike?

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In this clip from the Howard Stern Show, Michael J. Fox talks about having to fake Parkinson’s Disease for his TV show, The Michael J. Fox Show.

If you want to find out more information on how Michael J. Fox is faking Parkinson’s Disease, then check out this link to the discussion on the Clues Forum:


Back in the day, Family Ties was one of my favorite shows. It’s really sad that a fellow Canadian has joined people like Magic Johnson to “promote” a disease/condition.

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Crowing with Jungle 

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Good show with two with it people I follow. Too bad the second half is paid. 

Moon, Manson, Woodstock, Nukes and Other Lies of the Modern Age In this episode cover many challenging topics with the Jungle Surfer. The NUKE hoax among them but even dinosaurs and gender games from elite bloodlines is covered. If you are ready to think about new possibilities this is the place to be but be sure to bring an open mind or much of this will be a waste of time. Subscribe to Crrow777’s Free RSS Feed Moon, Manson, Woodstock, Nuke hoax, elite gender games, royalty, TV, news, false med

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