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makes a great point here. When we go binary on beliefs, it divides us. If we expressed our beliefs in percentages, then perhaps there would be far more overlap and consensus.

is one of my favorite thinkers! Look for his work here by using the search feature.

How I view things is through strength of belief or strength of disbelief. This means I can read new information, which can shift the strength of my belief. In this continuum of strength of belief there can never be 100% belief or disbelief. I also never face the ego issue men have of admitting they are wrong. I am telling people what I believe, and it is based on my logic, the information I have seen, etc., I am not saying I have a monopoly on the truth.With some story like the Soviet Union landing a robotic rover on Venus in the 1970’s, I ‘believed’ it in the sense that I had never really thought about it, it was just some factoid in some textbook. Lets call it 51% belief. Would I put $20,000 bet that i was right? No, if there was any consequence whatsoever to me, I would have to look into greater detail, and use some of my own logic to test this factoid. Even if I did that diligence, and I was 90% sure that they did do it, I would bet the $20,000, but still be prepared to lose my bet.

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