The Fakeologist Puppet Show 

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They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. A channel that identifies itself as Dustban (old Dustban audios are found here) is cutting up our old shows, both figuratively and literally.

Banazir and Dusty Ash are both still welcome to come by on and air their beefs with the site.

There are so few Canadians focussing on Canadian psyops. It’s too bad they have turned on this site. Why not do a video on this possible fake event? A  Canadian past politico has a small the same day Jr did.  

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20 thoughts on “The Fakeologist Puppet Show 

  1. xileffilex

    NTSB haven’t come to any conclusions in this hoax, they say the “crash” was probably due to pilot “disorientation”. The lack of “concrete proof” was frustrating, i.e convenient. for them. => Kicked into touch.…
    April 27 2018
    Finding – mandatory flight recorders the recommendation.
    Some of the crash videos have been taken down from youtube, but this recent one interweaves some images of the dumped load of plane trash in the woods, whoops I mean the “crash” site.

  2. rgos

    Four? That makes a nice buddy flight on the golf course at Bavaria Radler Island. Tee off time the weekend before Halloween?

  3. aralsea

    As for Canadian psyops, I did my boots on the ground of the Rob Ford death as much as I could (went to the viewing-closed casket) and I am satisfied with the genuine grief (IMHO) expressed from his family that he is dead. If anyone has evidence to the contrary or a good theory I will gladly entertain it.

    Aral Sea

    1. ab Post author

      Glad to hear from you again. I’m glad you’re convinced, because I’m not. He may have started out real, but it was clear he was used as a foil in the end for John Tory to shoehorn in. What’s your take on Gord Downey? How about this plane crash?

      1. aralsea

        Thanks Ab, it’s good to catch up with you again…

        I have been busy and working regular hours the last year so not much time for any podcast listening. Gord Downie well, first I am now suspect of any cancer diagnosis since I think there is a quota to be met for the system to sustain itself (Medical Industrial Complex) and enough people don’t question a diagnosis (like Rob Ford) and just go and “fight” the cancer with chemo which seems to be worse than just letting nature take its course. So for Downie, well the Tragically Hip are still big money so I don’t know why they need to use cancer to sell tickets for a final tour. It could be some tumor maybe from our toxic environment. Or he will suddenly be cured after being another chemo poster child and have a return tour.

        Unless we can somehow examine a person ourselves and have reliable info, how can we but speculate about whether they have cancer or not? Even if it seems a convenient way to write them out of the script (like Ford).

        The Jim Prentice plane crash…He still had too much going for him to want to be written out, since he could be a contender for the Conservative leadership.

    2. questioningourreality

      Let me get this straight. You viewed a closed casket and your convinced Rob Ford is dead and was in the casket? Shouldn’t a closed casket cause you to become skeptical? Why was it a closed casket if Rob Ford was in the casket? What would be the purpose of having the casket closed?

      1. aralsea

        I was one of the first 100 people to walk by the casket. It was considered an altar so no pictures from a certain point. But there are many pictures on-line to see what it looked like. It was at Toronto City Hall – open to the public. I doubt anyone would allow an open casket in such a case. Also, if he was emaciated or disfigured due to the cancer, they don’t want to show that to the public. I base my belief on my meeting the family (briefly) and witnessing his wife in tears. What can I say? It looked legit to me.

        I found this article today and it seems the family wanted an open casket but city staff felt it inappropriate since there were balconies overlooking the casket that uninterested parties would not be able to avoid seeing the body exposed so the protocol officer did not allow an open casket – which I can appreciate as a sense of decency and order.…

        1. questioningourreality

          What’s wrong with an open casket? What would be the problem? Pope John Paul II’s body was exposed at his funeral:…

          I don’t even know if that is a dummy or John Paul II. I wouldn’t be surprised if John Paul II was another staged death. The point is public figures don’t have to be in closed caskets to avoid photography. They will put them out in the open for the public to see.

          Why did we see a possible fake Pope John Paul II and not a closed casket? John Paul II being in a closed casket wouldn’t be acceptable for the millions of people he is followed by and who came to his funeral. So if they can get away with a closed casket, then they will do that instead of creating a fake body. Makes sense to keep it simple if possible.

          “was emaciated or disfigured due to the cancer, they don’t want to show that to the public.”

          Cancer now emaciates your face? Maybe shotgun to the face cancer does, but people that die from cancer aren’t disfigured facially. Could you please explain how that would be possible?

          Can the wife fake grief? I say yes. Look at this picture of the kids with the wife at the funeral. The kids don’t look sad at this funeral:…

          Also why is it so hard to find one picture on google of the wife with red eyes or tears from the funeral? You’re saying you saw red eyes or tears? I just want to see a red eyed Rob Ford wife with tears from this funeral.

          The link to that article you posted can be summed up by the following: A narrative has to be set up in order to sell the closed casket funeral. The family comes out and claims they wanted an open casket and the news reports a plausible reason that nobody questions for why the casket must be closed. This narrative is better than having the public hear the family wanted a closed casket because then the average person starts to become suspicious of a closed casket.

          Also the claim that the family wanted an open casket funeral contradicts what you are saying about his face being emaciated. The media would surely just come out and say his face is emaciated from cancer and therefore a closed casket funeral was necessary, but of course there would be questions as to why this is the case from the public.

          The more I look into Rob Ford’s death, the more it stinks of fake.

          1. aralsea

            I didn’t see the kids cry only the wife (their mother), I was at the public viewing not the actual funeral, although I wanted to go I had to go to work. I have been to the funeral of a dear friend and their children didn’t cry at the funeral. Just sayin’ and reporting what I witnessed.

  4. xileffilex

    [Kelowna BC crash] ….not forgetting a Calgary optometrist loved by his patients… [as all optometrists ought to be] Plenty of red flags there for Dustban to get their teeth into, surely?

    60 years old….…

    over to those trusted sources of the “truth” the TSB and the Coroner.
    This one has fake written all over it. A “difficult” site.
    The site itself was widespread and a very difficult scene and difficult terrain to reach
    Suuuuuuure. An Ideal site.

    1. xileffilex

      At 1.16 – the remote “crash site” amazingly right next to a road or track. Convenient.
      To keep the suspense going the pilot has only just been released – ex-RCMB Jim Krus 62 years old. [two sons Grayden (19) and Ryland (17)…..loving wife, Darlene. The Williams-Kruk family, [who] reside in Airdrie, Alta., also extended their condolences to the other families affected by the crash.…

      I’m not buying the official story . [the TSB wooden script…

      High Res TSB Flickr set here – as usual not much in the way of wreckage e.g. wings.…

      The whole plane…


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