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9/11 scriptwriters are ill

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They’ll invent some of the sickest stories to reinforce the myth. Anything to get the “3000 dead” meme out there.

Vicsim Report

A terror suspect accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks has undergone rectal surgery for an injury inflicted while he was in CIA custody.Mustafa al Hawsawi suffered a rectal prolapse more than 10 years ago after being subjected to ‘rectal re-feeding’ – a process which his lawyer described as ‘sodomy’.

Source: 9/11 terror suspect Mustafa al Hawsawi returns to Guantanamo Bay after rectal surgery | Daily Mail Online

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Are we in the swamp of crazy? 

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Of course not, but when Obama addresses it (mainly towards controlled opposition Alex Jones), you know we’re on the radar. 


Via adam.curry.com/html/NoAgendaEp…

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Silkwood shower scene

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Forget the Exorcist shower scene: Silkwood has one that is probably more frightening.

I doubt Karen Silkwood was a real whistleblower. Even if she was, a poorly packed fuel rod is no more harmful than a box of sand. Polonium and uranium are scarily labeled dirt piles of scary dust. 

In the movie, Karen was scrubbed from head to toe, inside and out, to rid her of polonium leaks. I wonder if they still have this silly procedure today? 

The whole idea of washing off radiation contradicts the nuclear lieintists own fake story. 

The purpose of course of this fear propaganda is possibly aimed at real people who work in these power station hoaxes from saying  anything about what (doesn’t) go in in these fraud factories. 

Here’s one of the many scenes. 

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Audiochat-KHam, Rochello

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KHam and Rochello come by for a chat @ fakeologist.com/audiochat


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