9/11 scriptwriters are ill

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They’ll invent some of the sickest stories to reinforce the myth. Anything to get the 0;3000 dead” meme out there.

Vicsim Report

A terror suspect accused of plotting the attacks has undergone rectal surgery for an injury inflicted while he was in CIA custody.Mustafa al Hawsawi suffered a rectal prolapse more than 10 years ago after being subjected to ‘rectal re-feeding’ – a process which his lawyer described as ‘sodomy’.

Source: 9/11 terror suspect Mustafa al Hawsawi returns to Guantanamo Bay after rectal surgery | Daily Mail Online

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1 thought on “9/11 scriptwriters are ill

  1. Henkus

    This story is even better than the one about the guy who got bitten in the PENIS by a snake coming out of his squatty potty.

    Does send a very scary message : Mess with the US and you get sodomized (for years in a row?)


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