Silkwood shower scene

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Forget the Exorcist shower scene: Silkwood has one that is probably more frightening.

I doubt Karen Silkwood was a real whistleblower. Even if she was, a poorly packed fuel rod is no more harmful than a box of sand. Polonium and uranium are scarily labeled dirt piles of scary dust. 

In the movie, Karen was scrubbed from head to toe, inside and out, to rid her of polonium leaks. I wonder if they still have this silly procedure today? 

The whole idea of washing off radiation contradicts the nuclear lieintists own fake story. 

The purpose of course of this fear propaganda is possibly aimed at real people who work in these power station hoaxes from saying  anything about what (doesn’t) go in in these fraud factories. 

Here’s one of the many scenes. 

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2 thoughts on “Silkwood shower scene

  1. lux

    “Forget the Exorcist shower scene: Silkwood has one that is probably more frightening.”

    The Exorcist had a shower scene? I must have missed that. Who was in the shower?

    1. ab Post author

      Whoops I meant Psycho. I never watched either movie before. Looking at the clip, where is all the blood anyway? I get more from a pulled hangnail. Other than the dramatic music, the only scary thing here is putting the shower curtain back up (some of the clips make it tricky). Oh, welcome back lux!


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