End of the line: John Denver’s death: Another hoax 

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Well done essay with some on the ground sleuthing. I tend to believe this information far more than Mark’s Dr. Phil zombie report.

I tried to get court appearance information on a minor (fake) stabbing at my local high school, and was told I would need a court order to get the transcript (ie. impossible). That’s enough for almost everyone to give up – but it’s probably not legal.

I asked if disposition of assets in intestate deaths was not a matter of public record, and she said yes, but in this case “the family’s privacy took precedence over the public’s right to know.” It was the end of the line.

Source: John Denver’s death: Another hoax | Piece of Mind

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1 thought on “End of the line: John Denver’s death: Another hoax 

  1. xileffilex

    Good research there. It’s impossible to break through the closed circle of liars though, as always. All the familiar bad smells are there for sure, more than enough to know it didn’t happen.
    That 2009 video release is puzzling in its quality. John would have loved to disappear to NZ I’m sure, to a life of fishing. His teeth in that alleged 19932009/ video @0.45 seem in better shape than in 1997 or for that matter, pre-1993.
    see 4.13 here


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