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We know humans cannot get out of earth’s atmosphere, at least for long enough to do anything useful. 

Space programs are really giant state sponsored human scientific and motivation programs. Reach for the moon, land on the earth (usually with a resounding thud). 

Most wouldn’t mind sponsoring this, even if they knew there wasn’t a chance we could go anywhere. 

Or would they? Without a lofty goal, who would be willing to pay? 

Our controllers know this, and this is why this 0;” persists to this day. 

Who knew there was a Zambian space program?  I suspect that most Africans, screwed by their colonial masters, are much slower to believe. 

This latest batch of Afri-nots were flown to,  where else, Orlando (Disneyworld). Listen  to the story.…

Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock visits Nigeria, the birthplace of her father, to look at why African nations are apparently so keen to journey into the future as a space-going continent. She explores the passionate desire among some to fly against the continent’s impoverished stereotype and join the space race.
* Duration: 26:52
* Published: 2016-10-17 11:00:00 PM
* Episode Download Link (12 MB):…
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