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I too was just thinking about rabies, since it’s linked to vaccination, which I think is a big pharma hoax.  It’s got to be the #1 shot for animals. Turns out, the following blog is asking the same question.

Rabies is Either a Hoax or It’s Danger is Extremely Exaggerated – Straight From The Devil’s Mouth

First thing flagged is this: “Rabies causes about 24,000 to 60,000 deaths worldwide per year.” So we know right off the bat this thing is, at the very least, heavily exaggerated. Then there is this “A number of countries, including Australia, Canada, , and the United States, and Western Europe, do not have rabies among dogs.” Normally I would say that indicates that it’s a lie and dogs DO have rabies in those countries, but seeing what they flagged earlier I am considering that is a signal that rabies

Source: Rabies is Either a Hoax or It’s Danger is Extremely Exaggerated – Straight From The Devil’s Mouth

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2 thoughts on “Talk about rabies

  1. questioningourreality

    What about Tetanus? I recently got a serious wound to my foot via a sharp object. I was constantly advised by the hospital emergency room staff that I should get the Tetanus shot and take antibiotics. I refused both and fast forward to now, I have suffered no infections.

    Did I get lucky? I say no. The body has to have the ability to fight off infections (if they do occur) naturally and I wouldn’t be surprised if a Tetanus shot just sets you up for a bad reaction or vaccine injury. I have known people who have gotten a Tetanus shot after getting cut or wounded and yet still get another type of infection not soon after the shot. Also antibiotics are known to cause problems and who knows if they even do anything good at all.

  2. psyopticon

    Rabies is a cash-cow as well. Not just for humans but animals too. The Rabies vaccination for humans – actually multiple injections administered in three separate doses – costs £162 ($200) from your local pharmacy. Does it even work? Or is it only “75% effective” (like the pneumonia vaccine)? Allowing the manufacturer to wriggle out of liability when it fails to prevent infection.

    Transporting a dog (or cat) between EU nations requires a pet-passport (costing £60). It must be stamped showing rabies vaccination of animal, plus follow-up test results showing negative infection. That whole she-bang costs £150 (€170 / $180), repeated yearly. Yet there have been no credible cases of rabies in Europe. Cui bono?

    The whole vaccination thing is a grotesque money-spinner for quacks, vets, and big pharma.

    A related psyop is the “Myxoma virus”. Supposedly it is a virus developed or isolated in a Uruguay laboratory in the 1890s/1940s. Causing the disease myxomatosis in rabbits.

    The myxoma virus, so we’re told, was then deliberately introduced into wild rabbit populations around the world, as a pest control, or “biological weapon”.

    Who else finds that very difficult to believe? Was biochemical engineering of that sophistication even possible in the 1940s? Are “biological weapons” a credible threat even today? Or is this just fear triumphing over fact?

    Is myxomatosis a real infectious disease? Spread by contact from one rabbit to the next? Or does it occur spontaneously, cause unknown, propagation unknown?

    The entire concept of a contagious “virus” is shaky.…

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