Crrow on 9/11

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Crrow dwells mainly on occult and numerology, with very little on controlled media and vicsims, the two central points to the hoax. 

911 The Greatest Show on Earth This episode covers both the occult, Luciferian, Crowleyesque ideas behind 911 (1st hour) and the standard numerical encoding of 911 using gematria and numerology (2nd hour & 1/2). I also cover a bit about the astronomy and astrology connected with the greatest show on Earth which was, in fact, a mega ritual. The time to stop being a gullible human is past and this episode proves that. 

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5 thoughts on “Crrow on 9/11

  1. UNreal

    As this show was just released, maybe Crrow777 would be a good guest* on the 911 topic, hear his reaction to how most Fakeologists/Ab understand the events of that day ?

    *FAK 156 is much awaited, last regular show was J. Isbit back in april

      1. UNreal

        Great news !

        Your efforts on the site are phenomenal*, gathering so much content, publishing on a daily basis and participating so often in the Chatango chat and Teamspeak talks. You’re a very good radio host, Ab, really enjoy you on air !

        *not to mention you also publish two more related sites, Moreab and Ball Earth Skeptic !


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