Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

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Enjoyable piece on this tired excuse against conspiracies. 

I doubt the in involved in the Manhattan project, especially since they were building a myth, not a bomb. 

We’ve all heard it: “That can’t possibly be true—too many people would have to be involved. Somebody would have spilled the beans by now.” In fact, that is usually the first reaction I hear from people I’ve tried to enlighten about topics such as 9/11. It’s almost like a knee-jerk reflex, and it’s apparently enough to stop them from even considering any conspiracy theory further.…oo-many-people-on-the-viability-of-conspiratorial-beliefs

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3 thoughts on “Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

  1. xileffilex

    Great discussion below the piece, especially on coercion necessary for these “retirements” . These guys really get it – faked deaths of real people. Nice to see the phone hacking “scandal” called out as the psy-op it was. Do hoaxers break the law? Well, when the pathologists roll up at the inquest under oath they are committing perjury as they describe imagined injuries or medical conditions in a faked death, witnesses to a fake event. Nobody is going to get prosecuted for perjury for the state. You might event get rewarded with an honor, or the next lucrative celeb autopsy.

    Who peformed Freddie Mercury’ autopsy back in 1991? Another liar under oath at the inquest?…
    Incidentally, Freddie’s mum died on Bataclan night one year one, just a couple of weeks ago aged 94.…

  2. daddieuhoh

    Thanks, Ab. You are almost certainly right about the Manhattan project, though I hadn’t considered it. I did not intend to lend legitimacy to the nuclear weapons hoax by using it as an example. Just wanted to demonstrate the cherry-picking…

    1. ab Post author

      Numbers add legitimacy to stories. 3000 dead, 100,000 working on it. Surely they couldn’t be lying with ALL those numbers, could they? How about questioning the numbers? Who could possibly count those allegedly building this mythical bomb? Who could verify the count? The answer is that we’ve never had an independent media do help us do any of these things. The media has always been bought and paid for and used as an important instrument in culture control. Actually, it IS the main instrument of the military.


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