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[sarcasm]The fakeologist franchise continues to be sullied with this remaining band of fakeologists. [/sarcasm]

Seriously, I appreciate all these audio participants and apologise to those who think this type of often obnoxious chatter is damaging to the research.

Listen to all almost 8 hours if you dare.

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Recurring acting roles, psyops

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Good eye and commentary by Mark over at POM.

I have no doubt that people are planted at these rallies and the controversies manufactured and fake. But the controversies surrounding Clinton are also manufactured. I would bet dollars to donuts that the earth-shattering e-mails everyone is in a titter about are all faked as well (like the letters between Albert Dreyfus and his wife). In short, this hoax is not about Democrats sabotaging Republicans or vice versa. And this post is meant to show that these manufactured controversies are part and parcel of

Source: (Fake) Reality Hits You Hard, Bro | Piece of Mind

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