RR24-Rollo,Kham,Ab,Typo,John Le Bon

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[sarcasm]The fakeologist franchise continues to be sullied with this remaining band of fakeologists. [/sarcasm]

Seriously, I appreciate all these audio participants and apologise to those who think this type of often obnoxious chatter is damaging to the research.

Listen to all almost 8 hours if you dare.

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9 thoughts on “RR24-Rollo,Kham,Ab,Typo,John Le Bon

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Hi fellas, Tim, Typo and Rollo ! I heard you wondering where I was.
    I’ve been spending time with my woman which always seems to coincide exactly with Radio Rollo on a Sunday morning, otherwise I would have dropped-in before now.
    Sometimes, it’s good to kick-back and look at things.

    One little weird thing I noticed was that every time I come to the site without logging in, the feed at the bottom says that someone from Greenock Inverclyde has just turned up! That’s the other end of the country to me. Slightly odd.

    Anyway. I’ve not disappeared, I’ve just been ‘in the hills’ as Typo suggested.

    8 hour audios! Jeez. How fast does JLB need to speed this one up to get through it in his lunch break ? I think we’re talkin ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ – level.

    Anyway, catch you in audiochat sooner than later, hopefully.

  2. Justsayin Dude

    OK, well I listened to every single second of it. Single speed. Laughed at the sesame seed tooth (tuth) assassination out loud (Typo, if you lived in the US you could have sued for millions), and enjoyed the grandpas teeth too to be honest. JLB was on good form. I get both viewpoints. I love Radio Rollo for what it is – a place to gather, include fakeology and a little bit of fun, randomness and music. I also get JLB’s objection (and Henkus’s above) to Rollo’s interruption – but hey, it’s his show and that is what makes it so cool. Then I got to the 7hr21 mark roughly to have Ab tell me that no sane or rational person would or should still be listening. Since then I have given up hope and taken to crying, curled up in the corner of the room…

  3. Henkus

    I tried to listen to it but Rollo just interrupts too much and plays ‘tunes’.
    I skipped through most + all tunes till JLB actually came on and stopped listening soon after.

    From previous posts made here i kind of thought people hated JLB.
    But no, they don’t hate him they just don’t get him imo.

    So here is my summary of this :
    till 120 mins it was Rolo + Kham + Tunes
    after 120 mins it was JLB + Rollo + Tunes
    Then around 180 mins in Ab joins.
    JLB leaves around ???
    After that is is Ab + Typo.

      1. Henkus

        Not like I didn’t enjoy it.
        Still have to find the courage to actually ‘make the audio chats great again’ by myself. haha
        Guess i was more interested in what JLB had to say than the rest, so when he left I kind of stopped.
        So i was a little biased maybe.


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