6 thoughts on “AIDS Fraud: Moon Landing of the Medical Industrial Complex 

  1. smj

    it just so happens that the slayers of humanity who invented cancer chemotherapy also wrote the “bible of pharamacology”. the sick motherfeckers were inspired by mustard gas of course.


    azt is manufactured by the glaxo conglomerate. they took the wellcome out of their name after their latest merger. the wellcome trust is like the gates foundation, except its even more openly eugenist and it likes to build elaborate hustles like the diamond light source.


  2. questioningourreality

    Ab, do you think the HIV virus also doesn’t exist? I don’t think HIV or AIDS exists. It seems to be part of instilling fear into the mass public about having unprotected sex. The condom industry must be doing very well ever since the announcement of AIDS and HIV being sexually transmitted. Also the medical industrial complex can bring in more money through expensive tests, drugs and hospital medical treatments because of the AIDS/HIV myth.

    1. ab Post author

      I don’t believe in viri at all. Virology is a false science, and the germ theory quite possibly as well. Even Pasteur, who invented sterilization, admitted so (although this is questioned or counter-propagandized as well)

      1. questioningourreality

        I think you’re right that virology is a false science. I hadn’t considered viruses being a myth until you started talking about it on this site. I notice sometimes on videos that expose AIDS as a fraud tend not to acknowledge that HIV is bogus as well.

        Viruses and Germs are probably good ways to control us mentally by making us fearful of the invisible evil we can’t see. The medical industry wants us to get all these shots to combat these invisible viruses while the shots are probably doing damage to us.

        Germs seem to be an old con too to scare us. Invisible to the naked eye, but yet we should be cautious and scared because germs are always lurking and they might make us sick. Also germs seem to kill social bonding in public because people are afraid to shake hands and people get paranoid about sterilization, anti-bacterial soaps and a general obsession with being overly clean.

        1. el sushi de la mancha

          @questioningourreality ” Viruses and Germs are probably good ways to control us mentally by making us fearful of the invisible evil we can’t see. ” Absolutely, yes. And it’s also the very same fallacious logic which they use with ” nuclear radiation “. It just works the same.


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