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Do not open before 7/11

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John Howard said his lines a few days early by announcing the death toll of 52 (5+2=7) of the 7/7 hoax on 7/7. Listen to this and other insights in the latest from Hoi Polloi and KHam. 

The Clues Chronicle issue 14 : Hi, ‘London 7/7: Fake Terror’

Goto 2:21:11 for Hoi’s keenest insight. 

… People accept the lies up they think they are there to protect them. . . 

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War theatre 

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The battles we got to see from WW2 were probably pure Hollywool. What actually happened to the men that never came back isn’t properly documented. 

One could surmise that filming real battles was too dangerous or didn’t suit propaganda purposes. 

This vid could have been easily composed in California. 

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