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John Howard said his lines a few days early by announcing the death toll of 52 (5+2=7) of the 7/7 hoax on 7/7. Listen to this and other insights in the latest from Hoi Polloi and KHam. 

The Clues Chronicle issue 14 : Hi, ‘London 7/7: Fake Terror’

Goto 2:21:11 for Hoi’s keenest insight. 

… People accept the lies up they think they are there to protect them. . . 

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7 thoughts on “Do not open before 7/11

    1. Hoi Polloi

      Cockroaches are actually very beautiful creatures if you look at them up close.

      I killed one an accident one time when it crawled across my arm at night, and my body moved before I was even aware of what happened. Instinctively, I grabbed it and flung it across the room. When I awoke in the morning, I was reminded of what I’d done by walking into the adjacent room and finding it dead, flat on its back.

      I believe it is part of our nature to do this and it is enhanced when we are “born into” a war against small critters coexisting in our society. Some of it is very difficult to argue as unjustified, since the prevention of disease is very important for human societies. Other times, the malice and coldness of the human is apparent.

      I will argue for the value of human life above other forms of life when I have to, but to be forced into such a conversation is to allow one’s self to be drawn into a war, and that itself may be considered immoral.

  1. Hieronymous Scandallion

    Did Hoi Polloi really kill a little cricket with his shoe for chirping? If so, he has demonstrated how the elite view the rest of the human race and how they deal with annoyances. Completely unjustified and I’m being very serious. I hope you get reincarnated as a cricket.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      I just threw a shoe at the door, behind which the crickets were chirping. It just “throws them off” a little. Startles them. It is a demonstration of ‘authority’ yes, but I also respect theirs. And there are other ways of getting them to not even come into a room, I am sure. Something involving herbs or something like that. But I actually normally enjoy their company and they put me to sleep at night. It’s just that when I’m recording, it’s a nuisance and they don’t speak English so I can’t do anything to make them stop except run the risk of traumatizing a cricket.

      To be honest, and although we can’t be certain and I’m not willing to hook up a bunch of electrodes to their head to figure it out, I don’t think they are too bothered by it, since they usually go right on chirping their merry song a mere few minutes later.

      Hieronymous Scandallion, are you interested in vegetarianism and veganism as I am? I am not an Indian ascetic that sweeps my path of ants so as to merely maim them and not kill them, but I do remain conscious of the fact that all life is sacred.

        1. Hoi Polloi

          I’ve met plenty of staunch vegans, even, that make an exception for nasty mosquitoes and happily slap away at black flies that come to tear skin off of one’s body. I think only the really really strict religious folks could take issue with that, no? I mean, self defense is a fact of life.

          That is rather different than something just making a noise. So I guess it’s about what your mind and body can and will tolerate. This is the funniest and most unexpected discussion to come out of this episode of The Clues Chronicle meant to focus on politics and 7/7/2005, but here we are.

          In any case, Fakeologists run the gamut from red meat eaters to vegans to who knows what else? So it’s a bit OT I guess.

          But in conclusion, no crickets were harmed during the recording of this episode. 🙂


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