How to spot a communist

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Propaganda was less subtle and sophisticated back in the 40s.

Amazing McCarthy years propaganda film.

<blockquote>Before we have another head to head with Barrie Zwicker – researcher, author, TV host and activist – Wanttoknow helps us recognize psychopaths; Zwicker notes 5 Eyes nations DDOS attacks –  are they corporate or government agency tests?;    Snowden says, ‘always encrypt’ your internet presence; towards the militarization of ‘our’ police; Barrie admits his Elder status, reflects on patterns throughout history;   &lt;span style=1;font-family: &amp;quot
* Duration: 59:23, Played: 36:50
* Published: 2016-10-28 5:52:37 PM
* Episode Download Link (27 MB):…
* Show Notes:…
* Episode Feed: Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park –…;

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