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Trump fails 9/11 truther litmus test

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You’ll never find a politician talking fakeology. 

Watch “Donald Trump wrote in 1999 about Osama bin Laden attacking World Trade Centers in terror attack” on YouTube

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We need to kill the corpse 

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One of the most evil tools ever invented? The Corporation. We all need to know more about this entity. 

The “legal person” is the fiction that “allows” us to have figurehead politicians and Presidents, corporations with human rights, vicsims and fake deaths, and CGI characters as legal persons. All of these legal decision things have been passed through legal means and fall under the category of “corporations” (from the latin corpos for body, Jesuit-sort of Latin language still being seen as an authority in legal matters). Especially, I suspect, if you accept bribery, collusion and conspiracy as “part of the legal process”, as our culture seems to do.

The Question of Fakery • Re: The Age of Simulation www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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President Trump 11/9

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I have been a political/media junkie my whole awake life.

The whole reason I awoke to fakery and psyOps is because I decided to participate in presidential elections. It’s impossible as a global citizen to ignore them.

By acting on my maternally granted American citizenship so I could vote (and pay taxes), I stumbled upon 9/11, the IRS, and everything else I’ve written about here.

I voted for Trump mainly because I worked so hard to get the right to vote. I voted for Trump because like I do in every election, I voted for whoever was NOT in office.

In human organizations, the sad part is that anytime someone gets good at their job, it’s time for them to go. Corruption and rot is really the only way one CAN look good at a job, since this is what it takes to get others to go along with you controlling them.

I am under no illusion that Trump will be any different. He can’t. The system won’t let him. It never has and never will.

The Clinton cabal has had MORE than their turn. They had to go.

It’s time for a new crew to make a mess.

Let the fakery begin (again).

John le Bon weighs in. 


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