President Trump 11/9

Be the 1st to vote.

I have been a political/media junkie my whole awake life.

The whole reason I awoke to and is because I decided to participate in presidential elections. It’s impossible as a global citizen to ignore them.

By acting on my maternally granted American citizenship so I could vote (and pay taxes), I stumbled upon 9/11, the IRS, and everything else I’ve written about here.

I voted for Trump mainly because I worked so hard to get the right to vote. I voted for Trump because like I do in every election, I voted for whoever was NOT in office.

In human organizations, the sad part is that anytime someone gets good at their job, it’s time for them to go. Corruption and rot is really the only way one CAN look good at a job, since this is what it takes to get others to go along with you controlling them.

I am under no illusion that Trump will be any different. He can’t. The system won’t let him. It never has and never will.

The Clinton cabal has had MORE than their turn. They had to go.

It’s time for a new crew to make a mess.

Let the begin (again).

John le Bon weighs in. 


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11 thoughts on “President Trump 11/9

  1. Justsayin Dude

    I think this is a giant leap forwards for … unquestionable proof that the world is a cartoon. Just think, now the World Wrestling Federation controls the World’s Superpower and self appointed police force, along with the largest (fake) nuclear arsenal.

    Plus we have established that the world’s most “developed” first world nation will accept ever increasing levels of lunacy and stupidity in the establishment of their idiocracy.

    So there is nothing that can’t be achieved now! Psyops and mass mind control are like opiates – you must ever increase the dose to keep the patient under.

    1. ab Post author

      Ya maybe. He’s really more of the same. I prefer this cartoon character over Barry. At least he can freestyle.

  2. Zalian

    I am very dissapointed!

    today almost every “conspiracy guy” i listen to, admits they buckled and voted for trump. no doubt as intended !

    Voting is your concent to theire schemes, no matter WHO you vote for, thought everyone here knew that.

    …. dissapointed


  3. smj

    trump didn’t need your vote. he only needs to humor the scriptwriters; nor did the scriptwriters need your vote, but i’m sure they appreciated your participation in their grand electoral charade.

    its been written that they’ll give us the first female president in 2020; she will also be the first animated cartoon character actor-in-chief. the dutiful participants of the electoral charade will have become so sick of having fleshy skull&boners actors-in-chief that they will turn out in groves. we’ll be told that she won in a landslide despite the fact that she looks so young for her age.

    gullible apes do love their cartoons; like 911, or any image from nasa or cern.

    i’ve never voted in my life, never will. but i must say that trump is the most talented actor-in-chief of my lifetime. have you seen his wwe work? dude has chops.

  4. Rollo

    What a DAY????!!!!!….watched it from start to finiish on cnn/fox/sky…… fucked as that Farce was…..Im Still glad HE played his Trump Card or did he?……..,Farce Farce Farce…..I might chat to you about it on next Sunday if you want ab….cheers your mate Rollo.

  5. UNreal

    Good on you Ab to have the stamina to vote. After the UK Brexit vote it does seem that the traditional media and printed press have lost a lot of their power to bend public opinion.

    As you say, the fakery will now begin. What better than killing the King ?

        1. UNreal

          Definitely something strange with the Barron/Melania relation, the kid doesn’t want to even hold her/it’s hand. Barrons facial expression is that of unease, but the circumstances and his age could explain that, unless there was more to notice than what i did ?

          there is some speculation on the Trump Transgender subject from Junglesurfer, in his video nor Donald or Melania seem to know how to hold a kid, nor to be all that familiar with Barron baby.


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