50 years ahead advanced tech myth 

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Nice summary of what I’ve always said. 

The ‘big secret’ about ‘black-budget tech’ is that there isn’t any.


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3 thoughts on “50 years ahead advanced tech myth 

  1. Zalian

    The thing about this argument is that it can’t be proven either way (probably why it persists).

    And who knows what they have in area 51 and similar places? certinaly neither me or you.

    But why have we never seen any evidence of any of this?
    No one is getting nuked, and last time i checked they still use tanks in war and not anti-gravity firing plattforms.

    There is a saying that goes “power percieved is power achived” and i BELIVE that is exactly what this is.

    Who knows though? is it possible they have more? Sure.

    Have i or anyone i know ever seen any evidence of it? No

    Does it benefit “them” to spread this idea of “them” being advanced beyond theire means? yes
    (look no further than the nuke for this one)

    The things i can speak to though is “CGI”. as a Professional in this field for many years.

    The software and techniques i know are the very same the hollywood top guys know and use.
    They simply dont have anything no one else has access too.

    (its all Maya,Nuke,Houdini etc, and has been for years)

    And as far as the military having better CG artists or better CG division than Hollywood, just seems like an absurd statement to me,
    Afterall that is what Hollywood is , it IS the propaganda arm of the military!


  2. Zalian

    Agree with the headline there is no such thing as secret tech 50 years in the future, maybe 6 months at best.

    the thread though gave me a headache.

    Pretty obvious there is very few actual effects people in that forum.

    seriously why can’t people stop this snowden sim crap, even dallas goldbug probably steers clear of that one
    (i wouldn’t know, i don’t follow his work, but im sure everyone gets my point)

    If simulations and specials effects are so mysterious to everyone, go download blender
    (free entry level 3d application, that can do most things) and spend a few weeks on youtube learning the basic process (you dont have to be a amazing artist for this) for the 3d part of effects.

    Go download Fusion (professional hollywood compositing software used on many movies, now free) almost entirely identical to Nuke (what hollywood actually uses, not because its that much better, but because it had larger user base and became standard). and youtube “compositing in fusion” and there is no shortage of tutorials, teaching you very aptly what to look for, For the compositing/green screen part.

    If everyone thinking snowden was a sim (as in computer simulation, not just a actor playing a role infront of a greenscreen) did those simple steps, we would see this nonsense dissapear faster than you can say “advanced secret millitary tech”.

    And asfar as that Mark Potok guy is concerned, do the steps i outlined and look at the outline of his hair (hint : sharp angles), also that guy thinking his head morphs, should read up on lenses and aspect ratios.

    Link to Blender : www.blender.org/
    Link to Fusion : www.blackmagicdesign.com/produ…

    Feel like im beating a dead horse, but the damn horse keep being resurected.

    so let me re-iterate one more time.

    There are NO computer generated living-walking-talking-sims in the news NONE, NADA.

    Actors? plenty.

    The tech isnt there, and even if it was, using a actor for 50 bucks and instant turnaround would always trump a major studio spending millions and months to do the same shot (even if money was no object),
    Common sense.

    There IS greenscreen in the news though, alot of it, even low level compositing (do the Fusion step i outlined if you want to learn to spot these things).

    Learn the diffrence between these things.

    As a sidenote i found it interesting how that guy you quoted the headline from, calls the flat earth a DBA (no doubt to not get kicked off the site) and in the next breath claims its only possible to go “as far” up into the sky. interesting self contradiction. I would love to hear his theory on earth and space and everything.

    Hoi Polloi makes a good point about the “advanced” part just being money for more computation power.
    And to some extent i can agree, but when it comes to “simming” PEOPLE, as i have harped on time and time again, its not about the computation power, that ED model everyone posts everywhere, was made by one guy on his home computer.
    When it comes to faces, its all about the artistry (and a scan needs alot of that too, before you can animate it, do the blender step i outlined to learn this for yourself), and there is no artist living now, that can do a snowden, far less animate him (many muscles in the faces has yet to be worked out how to even emulate badly, micro expressions etc), and mocap only goes as far, at the end of the day its being cleaned and tweaked by another team of artist, and if you side by side the best mocap in the world next to a normal guy walking, you will notice the mocap feels abit more “smooth” in the motions, because it is.


    1. More_answers_than_questions

      Completely disagree and I am frankly very disappointed in all the people who think that what we see is what they have. It’s a profoundly ridiculous idea to think that the only advantage that they have over the populous is psychological in nature. These people want to control every aspect of the universe, to become gods of matter itself and so it’s crazy to imagine that there aren’t applications, military or otherwise in existence which are incomprehensible to the average peasant. I vouch that most of the people who dismiss the advanced technology idea have never looked in any of the magazines promoting future science that already exists because the technology in there should astound you, never mind what they are hiding from us. Think about it realistically – if you were in the position of the technocrats running the show, wouldn’t you have your most intelligent useful idiots in hidden research centres trying to gain every advantage you can using science – invisibility, teleportation, anti-gravity, light travel and utilities we can’t even think of? Do you think that all the amazing futuristic ideas that come through their controlled patent offices from the public are shelved like the people who come up with them? What of all the so called science -‘fiction’ writers like Wells, Huxley etc who’s prognastications came to light decades later – what, they don’t use predictive programming anymore? Really – they are all twiddling their thumbs in these Rockerfeller research centres and when they come up with new technology, they immediately announce it the public because these big families only want to help the human race?

      The idea of them having very advanced technology is a no-brainer for me. Since when do the Fakeologists agree with the public because most people will indeed agree with you that such technology does not exist. It’s preposterous to think that the elite would always lie about something they don’t have rather than have the power and not tell us. No, I beseech you to re-think this one because you are wrong.


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