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  1. UNreal

    MTF transgenders can successfully pass for the opposite sex and it is important to understand that a highly refined skill-set has been developed over long periods of time. It would be an error to equate modern homosexual transgenders to those of an ideologic origin. In the case when ideology and/or religion is behind the transgenderisation of a person, they have never made their gender a choice based on sexual preference but have been brought up according to ancient rituals and family traditions. Pertaining to sexual preference, such a dual/trans person would stand completely freely to choose any sexual tendency according to their choosing and bisexuality is their own standard and how they identify themselves. They don’t see the world as only gay or heterosexual.

    The desired result from the viewpoint of a Moloch type of sexuality would be to achieve an augmented sexual experience (optimally a true hemafrodite) where both the female and the male characteristics are developed. If enough money and time have been invested in hormone treatments, it would be possible to achieve full sexual development in the early stages of puberty before halting undesired additional changes such as skeletal growth and facial hair. Homosexuals and transgenders are persuaded to choose one sexuality over the other, whereas the elite would choose to have both. Contrary to what many youtube videos take for granted, i’d vager to say that the essence of the ideological multigenerational transgender is to optimize their dual sexuality/aphroditism and with tight inguinal tucking there is no reason that the women we have discovered to have been born men have in any way sacrificed their virility. On the contrary, i believe they would invest heavily in optimal hemafrodic development, not maiming individuals like they promote to the common population and through various gay mouvements.

    It is also falsely believed that a characteristic male “bulge” is impossible to hide in say a swimming-suit, underwear or tight pants. This is not correct as transgender males have very sophisticated methods of “tucking” and can even use the inguinal canal to absorb internally their test’s leaving nothing hidden in plain sight, contrary to what the Michele Obama false with “moving parts” want to have us believe. Hollywood level attention to detail would surely be more advanced than modern transgender practices. The elite transgender would benefit from hundreds of years (if not millennia) of experience tradition and selected genes/bloodlines. In other words, they are pro’s since a long way back.


    1. Tom Dalpra

      UNreal said – ” the women we have discovered to have been born men”.

      Which women UN ? And where’s the evidence?

      1. UNreal

        hi Tom Dalpra

        In this thread there are numerous links to channels that extensively cover the topic and explains in detail how to discern men from women and how MTF individuals go about disguising this.

        If you haven’t yet run found evidence to your satisfaction of men acting as women in Hollywood despite diligent research, i can’t help you.

        According to me, and as stated in previous posts, Melania Trump is a definite match for being MTF. Actually, the whole Trump family look very troublesome. It is an unfortunate situation that there seem to exist entire families that over generations have been transformed in the image of Baphomet and other deities as to incarnate both the male and the female sexual appearance. Freaks in our eyes, beautiful and seductive hermaphrodites in their eyes.


        1. Tom Dalpra

          Yes, I’m familiar with Stella Walsh,

          As I said. ‘Transgender cheats’ have been exposed before. It’s not a new idea.
          That it can occur is not in dispute with me.

          What are in dispute, with me, right now, are many of these relatively recent, specific claims.
          I scanned through most of the links posted on this thread and found little evidence and generally very little to convince me of anything.

          Apsotle Laura Lee and Spudgy Pang, offer no real evidence as far as I can tell.
          The site, is a bit like a religious Miles Mathis. The article I read talked in terms of ‘papers’ and the style felt similar ( no links or much specific evidence. A few pictures).
          The fact the author had a double letter name, Jeremy James, seemed most appropriate!
          ”Haha! it IS the religious Miles Mathis!” I thought..

          I found that one quite an interesting read – in a pulp fiction sort of way – but again with no real evidence to back up it’s claims –

          ” Satan wants a world that operates entirely under his control, as far removed as
          possible for the world created by God. This will entail sterilizing the masses and
          permitting only as much human stock to reproduce as he decides. These pre-selected
          individuals will do so only by artificial means. Women as we know them today will
          gradually be eliminated, while men – namely those individuals who are born male and
          continue as males (or possibly eunuchs) throughout their lives – will function as
          slaves for the ruling elite. ”

          Crikey! Preaching in the 21st Century can be so …techy…I suppose it would be. This is advancement, I suppose.
          ‘Baphomet Babies’ I suppose you could call them.

          I reallly don’t know. You’re just pulling my leg though aren’t you rgos ? You don’t really think these people are all ”trans-bred” ? Or maybe not?
          These things can be compelling, as Ab says, it can be ” difficult not to look” .
          Some people that I know very well, are particularly intrigued by transgender people.
          And we can agree that the ‘best’ of the transgender women can look very feminine.
          Beguiling already, by nature.

          1. vercite

            Spudgy Pang has provided little or no evidence and he hardly ever claims that any individual is definitely transgender. He merely points out that this or that individual “may” be a transgender. His information shouldn’t be taken as evidence, but it’s something to be aware of and can lead to other information.

   is a religious site, and they are going to provide a dose of that along with any information. They are newcomers to this topic and have no prior experience. They are discussing things they believe to be true, but don’t back it up because they haven’t done any analysis, but the information they have, like Spudgy Pang’s, is useful for background information and leads.

            Those sources are not authoritative. Few sources are. You have to filter out the information, research perhaps hundreds of sources. That is why I said it takes a long time. If you are looking for one article or video to convince you, that isn’t going to happen.

            What evidence is required? A confession? Full frontal nudity on National Television? A signed physical examination report by a Doctor of Medicine? Congressional investigation perhaps?

            Attacking the information through ridicule and other tactics doesn’t contribute to an understanding of this topic and appears to be a deliberate attempt to keep it from being taken seriously.

    2. vercite

      This is an advanced topic and only a small segment of people who come across it will ever “get it”, and that includes seasoned Fakeologists.” Another quote is applicable here, “The truth can’t be told, it must be realized”.

      This knowledge can’t be given, it must be personally obtained through research and study. It encompasses many fields, including history, human anatomy, medicine, genealogy, old world traditions, mind control, religion, etc. It is a difficult truth not only because it’s contrary to what most have have been conditioned to believe, but its emotionally upsetting, frightening and shocking. Few will want to go through this very uncomfortable process. They think they are intelligent and will find an easier way or come to an understanding by watching a video. Good luck with that.

      Think about this. Why do you think almost all the research is done almost exclusively by religious fundamentalists? It’s because they are motivated – motivated by religion. Outside of that, almost all inquiry into this topic is merely “entertainment” or attacking the information or the messenger. Those who want to be entertained will continue to seek new thrills by “outing” this or that individual. Those that attack due so for any number of reasons or are possibly agents of the system. That is why so many “in the know” eventually stop discussing this with the general public, or never reveal what they know, because they realize what it leads to. The questions keep increasing and the public becomes ever more demanding, yet they never do any work themselves.

      You can watch the progression of her own understanding and of how the general public reacts to it by watching Apostle Laura Lee’s videos from the beginning up to the present day. There are hundreds of them and many are off topic. She often goes into preaching mode, gets emotional, and often displays anger towards her viewers and the system. I don’t agree with everything she says, but when it comes to this topic, she has done some absolutely brilliant work in deconstructing transgenderism in a scientific and analytical manner. Because of the public’s reaction to her work, Apostle laura lee has made her website private by requiring a log-in, has threatened to take her website and videos completely offline, bans many comments from her videos, and only rarely creates new videos on the topic. Another religiously motivated researcher, inspired by Apostle Laura Lee and based in Europe, outted scores of some of the biggest names imaginable and backing up their claims with mountains of evidence. Again, one could see the progression from the earliest works to the later ones. Unfortunately, because this web site was viciously attacked, it was taken completely offline and is no longer available in any form.

      As for JS, how did he come to this knowledge? Well, if you have listened to what he has said about himself, he reveals that he worked for the wealthy for most of his life. It’s doubtful that the elite directly told him anything, but he probably overheard something. That is why he can make assertions so easily and quickly and without any supporting evidence. But for those in the know, JS is a valuable resource.

      I also heard something years ago from very high places. With no frame of reference, it meant nothing at the time, although the person who told me was a professional of good character. Something very bad happened to this person very quickly after that. It didn’t make sense at the time, but it does now.

      It can’t be overemphasized enough how much time and effort is required to understand all this and no matter what, there is no fast track. In the end, much more will make sense, and it becomes easier to discern between the uninformed, the deceivers, and those who tell the truth.

      1. UNreal


        Through the information from religious websites and personalities it is vey difficult to gain factual knowledge and understanding of why and how we have these MTF FTM entities among us. To these factions, all the answers come in the form of a written book and the motive behind any evil is to attack the author of that book who they take is a personified almighty God. These people are stuck in a loop, and have been dominated by the elites ages ago. The religious might be aware but are inoffensive to this sect of people who might always have been the church-leaders from the start. Religion can be suspect of being controlled opposition from the onset, led by FTM entities all the way. I’m unable to listen to the religious angle for long and i think it is ineffective as a way to inform any public rhetorically on the subject.

        Youtube and videos seem to be where the most information on this elite class of transgenders is available. It seems to me we are in a realm of alchemy and witchcraft here, but seldom i see information on the transgenderisation that obviously must be very central to this closed group. I just have come to realize that i’ve personally been in contact with a limited number of these people who have been altogether very normal, smart but also a bit distant.

        I would be interested if you know of any literature, podcast or radio shows that have discussed this topic directly without diverging to the bible, satan or aliens ?
        You seem well researched on the topic. When did you come to discover this phenomenon and what directions has the research taken you? where do you see it going ?

        Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored four goals, celebrates after their international friendly soccer match against England at the Friends Arena in Stockholm

        1. vercite

          Well, if you watch JS, RussianVids, Yahweh Rules (another religious channel), Spugy Pang, and similar videos, they all make reference to this topic. I first started looking at this after viewing a Yahweh Rules video by way of JS. What was different about those videos was that they provided limited information on what to look for in determining whether an individual was actually male or female. It seemed incredible at first that any of what they said could be true, so I started to investigate myself by looking into the physical differences between the sexes. I found that much of what they said appeared to be true. JS of course was doing transvestigations, but never provided any information at all to support what he was asserting. I went back in history and started looking at photos from the 1800s and early 1900s mentioned in the YR videos and saw that many of the famous females at that time looked extremely masculine. I had seen the photos before, but always chalked it up to a lack of sophistication in those days, women didn’t wear as much makeup then, etc.

          JS mentioned Apostle Laura Lee so I checked out her material. I was expecting a lot of religious stuff, but was surprised that she stayed on topic. Most of her transvestigation materials were short and didn’t mention religion at all. She usually separated religious from transvestigation videos so was easy to ignore those that were not relevant. She had just started her Hellywood video series and I was amazed. She used anatomy and skeletal charts, and demonstrated how medical and surgical procedures are used to alter sex from the womb and into adulthood. You could tell she had done her homework, although she was still in a learning phase herself. Because I work in a professional field and she used science to support her claims, this made a real impression. I watched the whole series and other related videos, and read every article on her website, some written by her, but most are by guest authors. Today, Apostle Laura Lee has moved away from transgenderism for the most part and now focuses mostly on SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).
          I then found that website in Europe and very impressed by the material I found there before it was taken down. I read every related article that was posted there too.

          During this time I was investigating my own set of suspicious people that I had admired and found with 100% certainty that they were actually the opposite sex. I have no doubt about this whatsoever. What amazed me more is that others couldn’t see it and still don’t see it, even when pointed out. It was there all along and although I knew long ago that something wasn’t right, I never could put a name on it, because I didn’t know about transgenderism. I can spot them now about 90% of the time, but I’m still learning.
          Related to all of this is of course Satanism, Baphomet worship, the NWO, Media Fakery, and all the rest. It looks like transgenders have been used by the elite as agents, and this has been going on for a long time to the present day. Transgendersim, as you know, is also deeply related to motives, history, fame, and wealth.

          As I mentioned before, I knew someone who had information about people in high places and something serious happened to them after they told me some things on transgenderism, which I didn’t fully believe at the time. Now I know why what happened to them occurred. Only now does it make sense.

          It all started with JS, who provided the clues. I’ve been researching this topic for about 2 years. but I feel that I’m only scratching the surface. And the world is now even more fake than I previously thought. There is much more I’m sure, but it’s so well hidden. Like someone else has said, this is THE topic they don’t want you to know about.

          No, I don’t know of any sources that exclusively focus on this subject that are not religiously based. As far as the sources that I provided being supportive of Christian leadership, I haven’t found that to be true. These are mostly Christian Fundamentalists, they don’t have any leaders and they don’t hold famous so-called Christian leaders in high regard. That closed web site in Europe for instance exposed high ranking Anglican Bishops, various Popes and many Televangelists as transgenders. Aposle Laura Lee’s site has outed many Popes, including the current one, Billy Graham and his entire family, Jim and Tammy Baker, Joel Osteen and his wife, almost every famous televangelist, and many other Christian leaders going back to the 19th century as transgenders.

          1. vercite

            Forgot to add. Most of those sites also are aware of media fakery, NASA, 911, and the rest. I don’t where they got their information, but they know.

          2. UNreal

            hi again Vercite

            I have effectively seen some Apostle Laura Lee videos where she goes in detail on the physical differences in appearance and providing a lot of images to prove her points. However, her more recent contributions are all very prophetic in nature and she seem ‘over the top’ and a bit angry and overly emotional.

            ” that website in Europe” seem very interesting, normally there would be mirrored caches of the content on the inter webs still out there, but it would take a savvy person to find them. Hopefully someone has saved some of the articles ?

            As you say, transgenderism is related to a variety of religious practices, and it is hard to come to terms with exactly what parts of the lore actually constitute this sect’s own convictions. For instance Aleister Crowley obviously has never himself been able to sodomize anybody, so why is his sexual practices still believed to be so literally ‘real’ ? I fear all “whistleblowers” only confuse matters more. While FTM males waves their hands and raise suspicion, what do their MTF wives really do unbeknownst to us ?

            I didn’t really wake up on the topic until the President Elect speech where my gut just tore into my brain and finally opened my eyes. Even though i’ve seen the occasional ‘outing’ of well known celebrities i didn’t really get to incorporate these facts and make sense of them for my own world view until this 8th of November (2016)… It is new to me, but when our eyes have been fully connected to the brain they are unable to ‘unsee’. Two years into this research means you’ve awakened quickly as not much material i see online was made prior to 2014.

            I definitely recognize JS research and he has made great contributions on many of these entities in his own style and (by now) learned eye. Unfortunately it is very difficult to follow him unless you have familiarized yourself with the subject through your own research. In this regard i quite value MrE3000 and Pocketsofthefuture.

            Unfortunately, one have to spend a lot of time finding good material even on these before-mentioned channels, so the process is not so straightforward as it might be. Would be great if someone with a more didactic approach, such as yourself, could set up a Youtube channel (do you already have one?) with a selection of the most important and educational videos, maybe with a type of learning curve or progression. We are dealing stage 3 or 4 cancer as i see it.

            It might also be a good idea to start a forum post here on Fakeologist for the purpose of gathering good material ? Maybe ‘He said She said’ or something in that line ?


            1. vercite

              Hi Unreal,
              I definitely recognize JS research and he has made great contributions on many of these entities in his own style and (by now) learned eye
              I agree.

              Unfortunately it is very difficult to follow him unless you have familiarized yourself with the subject through your own research. In this regard i quite value MrE3000 and Pocketsofthefuture.
              MrE3000 has good material, but I feel POTF doesn’t go far enough. He seems reluctant in many ways. I used to follow his work, but no more. I don’t feel he has advanced enough on this topic considering how long he has been doing research. But as it’s been said, he is probably a good introduction to the topic.

              Two years into this research means you’ve awakened quickly as not much material i see online was made prior to 2014.
              I started about 2 years ago, but didn’t really do any serious research until about 16 months ago, because I had to wake up to whether this was real or not. It was a process. I was as reluctant and skeptical as anyone else.

              I have effectively seen some Apostle Laura Lee videos where she goes in detail on the physical differences in appearance and providing a lot of images to prove her points. However, her more recent contributions are all very prophetic in nature and she seem ‘over the top’ and a bit angry and overly emotional.
              Her newer material changed significantly about 6 months ago. She has lost patience with a lot of people, because they don’t get it and won’t do their own research. I’m grateful that I started following her work when she was doing relevant material where I learned the basics and many useful techniques. If you happen to land on one of her emotional, prophetic, ranting videos, you can get the wrong impression of her past work. Look at her Hellywood series. Many outside the Hellywood series are also good, but it’s kind of a mixed bag. You have to go through them to sort them out. Check out her website (guest login, guest password). Almost all the articles there are written by contributing authors, very few are by Apostle Laura Lee herself.

              ” that website in Europe” seem very interesting, normally there would be mirrored caches of the content on the inter webs still out there, but it would take a savvy person to find them. Hopefully someone has saved some of the articles ?
              It was an outstanding website. They focused mainly on Europe, but had a lot of material about the US too. A lot of the material concentrated on Internationally known people in politics and entertainment. They also did historical research going back to the 19th century. This is where I found out that Oscar Wilde was a woman. Yes, that is right. Do a google search for the earliest images and view as many as you can find. It will be apparent if you know what to look for. Oscar Wilde was an agent of the elite. That web site was attacked endlessly because of the prominent politicians and celebs they were exposing. They were shut down completely with no mirrors or caches. It wasn’t well known and I found out about it because the author(s) would occasionally post material on Apostle Laura Lee’s web site.

              I didn’t really wake up on the topic until the President Elect speech where my gut just tore into my brain and finally opened my eyes.

              That is amazing. It was a much longer and very unpleasant process for me. I wish I were just ignorant of these facts at times.

              Unfortunately, one have to spend a lot of time finding good material even on these before-mentioned channels, so the process is not so straightforward as it might be. Would be great if someone with a more didactic approach, such as yourself, could set up a Youtube channel (do you already have one?) with a selection of the most important and educational videos,
              Very true. I would have to think about that. As you know, when you wake up to this, you become very aware of the ignorance in this world as never before and what you will face when you try to inform others. It also recalls the statement on Apostle Laura Lee’s youtube channel, that if you expose this, you will become a target and they will shut you down. So far, some sites are still functioning, but only those that are overtly religious, which gives them some protection. I’ve already got a taste of what to expect from some of the responses from this site. I will consider it. Maybe we could correspond offsite about this further, either through email or another means.

              1. UNreal

                hi Vercite

                Agree that POTF in many ways seem to present the transgenderisation as a partly random phenomenon and do not engage significantly in MTF transformations. MrE3000 is starting to realise this movement also is comprised of FTM transgenders and he has a likeable, but sometimes humoristic tone.

                Yes, it seems most people have trouble, like myself, to relate the facts and repercussions of the effect and horror of couvert transgenderism. If someone is able to acknowledge 1 or 2 persons that have been forced to admit to their travesty this somehow doesn’t suffice for them to open the can of worms. Bond girl Caroline Cossey comes to mind in this regard, but it somehow still does not compute, even with habitually critical minds.

                I’ve just posted a thread on the Fakeologist Forum entitled “EGI – Elite Gender Inversion” , it would be great if you and others could contribute and reference good material in a comprehensive fashion. Would be glad to PM as well, this function is available in the forums (not in the comments as far as i know).

                I thought of using ‘stages’, like applied in the case of cancer:
                •Stage 1 : discovery
                •Stage 2 : Well proven MTF cases and theory
                •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM cases and theory
                •Stage 4 : Suspect cases and advanced research

                1. vercite

                  Wow. you didn’t waste any time. I’m surprised that you took the initiative so quickly on this. Sure, I would be happy to contribute. I’ve looked at so much material that I need to sort it out. I didn’t know about the PM for the boards. I will check that out and get registered. Good start and good work.

                2. UNreal


                  I cheated a bit ! Actually, i had some problems posting over the last days and i had already some text written then copy&paste a bit

                  Voilà ! Hope you and others will provide more links and references as to help those just starting their investigations and others longer down the rabbit hole.

                  I’m at “Stage 3” in my investigations as of now, and your link to the Zephaniah site made me discover several well written articles. Thanks !

                  1. vercite

                    Saw your Tesla post. Very interesting. John LeBon did a podcast on Tesla that I only got around to listening to about a week ago. He did excellent work on that one. Of course, the idea of transgenderism was never mentioned, but I didn’t expect it would be. This is another example of how transgenders have been used as agents throughout history. There is an article on on the lead singer of the rock group, Telsa, who used Nikola Tesla a type of mascot and exposes the lead singer as FTM. Probably others in the band are as well. It’s all about mockery and rubbing it in your face.

                  2. UNreal

                    hi Vercite

                    Glad you’ve looked at the EGI forum post. Yes, Tesla is an interesting subject, i think i did listen to JBL on the subject, but unsure how much he exposed. If you have link or reference, i just posted my email in the CGI thread, and Ab will shortly upload an audio chat we did earlier today where we amongst other subjects discussed Tesla (mostly gender inversion).


                    1. vercite

                      The podcast was called, “Was Tesla a scientism priest,” or something similar. He did a couple of short follow-up pod-casts relating to that particular pod-cast. You may have listened to one of those. Those don’t have a lot of information. I highly recommend listening to the main pod-cast, it’s very revealing. It’s available from his site or you can find it through a google search. I’m surprised he didn’t get more praise for his research, because he did a good job. But I also understand that a topic like Tesla isn’t entertaining enough for the “biological automatons” as JLB puts it, so it will have limited appeal. He also expresses his surprise that hardly anyone had ever taken a serious look into Telsa’s background before he did.

                    2. ab Post author

                      I too thought it was a good podcast. Why not provide a link? It appears Tesla was another ficticious scientist type to cover for a military invention.

  2. vercite

    The investigation transgendersism, how long it’s been going on and how widespread it truly is a fairly recent development. The problem with JS, even though he may be “spot on” about many of his assertions, is that he doesn’t provide much in the way of evidence, thus making his allegations easy to ignore for most. Others take a more analytical approcach and this method is much more diffiult to dismiss. The analytical approach requires knowledge of the differnces between in the sexes in skeletal structures, facial features, and mannerisms, and of transgender surgeries, hormonal treatments, motives, relationships and more. Yes, even the names used by many transgenders are hints.

    Those in the lead of this issue tend to be religious fundementalists and that in itself may imply an agenda and a reason to dissmiss their information. But at least for now, outside of these sources, information about this issue is difficult to find and pratically nonexistant.

    Probably the leader in the analytical approach is Apostle Laura Lee, especially her Hellywood series on youtube…
    and her transvestigation articles on
    The website requires a login, but you can login as guest with password guest to read the articles.

    Newcomers to this issue on youtube are MrE3000 and Jon Humanity and are worth checking out. Spudgy Pang also addresses this issue, but to a lesser extent, check out these videos particularly. Spudgy Pang tends to underestimate the scope of transgenderism.………

    Very recent to this issue is (another religous site) particularly:…………

    Other web sites that have investigated this issue in a serious manner have been taken down.

    It’s easy to dismiss this as gossip, rumor, or circus. It’s often ugly and disgusting to look at. But once seen, it can’t be unseen. Don’t take anyone’s word, investigate for yourself.

    1. username

      @vercite – Well said. This subject must be investigated diligently and carefully.

      JS is very crude and difficult to follow with his short videos made very spontaneously. I like the more rhetorical approach, if possible without too much easy jokes and crude language.

      These two videos from Pocketsofthefuture is a good start for apprehending the possibility of systematic transgenderisation in the ruling class;
      1. Michelle Obama / Jennifer Aniston / Serena Williams (1:14:50)…
      2. Justin Bieber / Miley Cyrus (50:54)…


      1. vercite

        Made quite a few typos, but I hope you get the point . Fired it off hastily without checking.

        Good point. Most people, even Fakeologists, are too “conditioned” and need a slower approach to believe this is even possible. POTF’s vids could serve that purpose. For anyone who has studied this for awhile though, it’s elementary stuff. I’m somewhat surprised that POTF hasn’t progressed further regarding this. He opened the door, but never went through it. Yes, crude is the word for JS’s presentation style, even though he is right most of the time.

        Anyway, I can’t see this topic ever becoming common knowledge. It makes even Fakelogists look mainstream. It requires a lot of research, study, effort, and time. It’s not for the lazy or overwhelmed by life individual. No one can watch a couple of videos or read a couple of articles, no matter how well done, and become convinced. Also, there is a lot of disinfo being circulated and you have to get over that obstacle too.

        I reread Unreal’s latest post and he brings up the FTM issue towards the end. Yes, those are the most difficult for most to comprehend and his comments indicate advanced knowledge on this issue. Bravo.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    In May 2014, about when the ”IRREFUTABLE PROOF Serena Williams is a Man ” video came out, a chick with a beard called Conchita Wurst ( translation – Little Pussy Sausage ) won the Eurovision Song Contest. Soon after this, the same team that had brought us the Serena video followed up with their Michelle Obama one. Shortly after the release of that, we had the set-piece of Joan Rivers calling Obama gay and Michelle a tranny. By September Joan was ( said, at least, to be ) dead and Jungle Surfer had long- started making ludicrous, to me, sniggering allegations that – what seemed like – every famous woman was a bloke.
    The Duchess of Cambridge, for example.
    May I say, I see the idea that Melania Trump was born a man to be as ludicrous as that idea.

    As soon as Jungle started on his ‘ famous transgender proliferation’ campaign it struck me as, intentional or not, something that would make people look silly if they believed it and was certainly confusing any issue we might have have to look at.
    I’d warn anyone against biting too hard on this facile Mela – Male word-play with the new first lady.

    Maybe she was a bloke, but I need more evidence than reversing two letters of her Christian name and Jungle surfer reckoning the last First Lady had a cock.

    I see Conchita Wurst winning the Eurovision song contest as mass conditioning. Changing our thinking through mass entertainment. The idea isn’t new, of course. The 1973 hit Walk on the Wild Side – partly about transvestites- from the album Transformer comes to mind. Historical popular art is known to have helped change people’s thinking.
    Post-industrial computer-age people have perhaps been deemed better adjusted in the workplace with a kind of sexual ambivalence. Less confrontational – more harmonious, maybe ? A ‘boxing promoter turned woman’ story – as we’ve had in the UK – is perhaps powerful in that it suggests quite a metamorphosis from the Macho ‘old world’ to his feminine dainty new one. These things don’t turn everyone ‘gay’, but they are powerful in tweaking the way people think, I believe.

    The idea here that there’s a whole bunch of transgender people in power, however, including Kate Middleton and Melania Trump, seems like a whole load of rubbish, to me.………


    1. rgos

      Yes, Tom, the Surfer tends to overshoot the mark. But in the case of Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, and, hell, let’s even throw in Barabara Bush, the bloke might be spot on.

      Let’s not bite, but at least take a nibble.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          rgos said – ”Let’s not bite, but at least take a nibble”.

          Mmm, but nibbling suggests small bites rgos, and considering I’m calling this topic poison, then I don’t suggest that at all.

          What I’m saying is – ‘Pick it up with gloves and look at it very carefully’.

          Transgender ‘cons’ are hardly a new idea. They’ve been proven to have happened before. The Williams sisters are an interesting case but while completely open to the idea, I’m yet to see definitive evidence on that one, let-alone Michelle-Michael, Barbara-Brenda and Melania Male.
          It interests me that this idea has been perhaps deliberately fed into the alternative in the last couple of years beginning with the original Serena video. That one came along with the idea Michelle is a man too and was followed by the Joan Rivers set piece, we remember.
          I’m just wary of being ‘played’ that’s all, and very wary of the absurd leaps from Jungle Surfer which, to me, seem like obvious bullshit on a Dallas-Goldbug level. ie he has a load of doppel gangers to Jungle’s many ‘trans</strong>gressors’.

    2. rgos

      The idea here that there’s a whole bunch of transgender people in power…

      Make that transgender people in public positions of perceived power and it becomes quite believable.

      1. vercite

        The idea here that there’s a whole bunch of transgender people in power…

        “Only the small secrets need to be protected.
        The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” Marshall McLuhan

  4. ab Post author

    From Unreal:

    Been transvestigating quite a bit after waking up to Melania Trump being a male (hence ‘male-Anya’)

    Not a very pleasant or easy topic. The hardest part is to look anew at figures i’ve previously enjoyed following and admired whilst performing. However the process might hurt our imagination and/or worldview short-term, the effort is worth the unpleasant ride. I enjoy beauty, and to me the foundation of beauty is built from truth. Ugly this subject might be, but important for truth it is.

    The scale of the lie when a person is impersonating the opposite sex to your deception is gigantic. foundational. too big to conceive of. Impossible to pull off. Too big a secret. Somebody would have ‘spilt the beans’ a long time ago… Unfortunately this type of situation is all too familiar when the elites are concerned. Inversion can be argued to at the base of their modus operandi. we have discovered this on numerous topics. In fact, the reversal of sexes very well fit the twisted minds of the elites and their contempt for the common population, and apparently also for man himself and nature in it’s original state. We have long been trapped in a Hegelian dialectic between jews and jesuits, but it turns out the synthesis might be found in elites of both factions who are all suspect of transgenderisation.

    The twisted logic behind being the opposite sex of your appearance must also be understood as a unique way to create an invisible, unbreakable bond between members of the group. Not an easy group to identify, and impossible to penetrate so to say. But oh so very wicked indeed. All lifetime actors. Just as we all suspect and fear maybe ?

    A hard part in following mainly Junglesurfer’s transvestigation is to come to terms with the scale of the reversal performed by the closed club of the elite, and also to learn about the methods they employ to achieve such ambitions. Reminds one of “The Prestige”. The hardest part however (to me as a man) is to fathom how many men i’ve grown up to admire in fact are women. I’ve overcome this by shedding much disgust and disbelief, but the truth is that women can be better looking and more fit most men in their natural state. The list of candidates for suspicion on the account of travesty is long. A few notable suspect examples might serve to study: Elvis, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson, Wayne Gretzky,,,

    The hard truth of female to male transgenderisation is scary but very real. The overt transformations of Aydian Dowling and Loren Cameron are important to understand before one makes up one’s mind:

    Aydian Dowling……

    Loren Cameron……

    Transgender Male to Female is much more common due to the explosion of the homosexual scene where transvestites have figured for a long time. Also male transgender prostitutes have been commonplace for a while, apparently very frequently caught with the richest of the rich, movie-stars and sports-idols. The examples from these environments however is of a lower level of achievement than the true pre-puberty transgender examples (seen in Hollywood) or even beauty-pageants contenders from Miss Trans and others:…


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