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Good morning Ab,

Per your request in the middle of RR24…

I’m a relatively new listener to your audio chats, as of about 7 months ago. I came across your site and work through John Adams (+ Chris), as I’d discovered him through one of my regular podcasts (“Gnostic Media”). I’ve since found the work of KHam, Simon, Hoi, etc. all thanks to you. I also listen to everything put out by Clint Richardson. I am not a content creator, just a voracious consumer.

Just a little background on me, I was the founder & moderator of a local political discussion group at a couple of the pubs in my town, from ~2005 to 2010 after the first year or so, our local group joined a national so-called progressive network called “Drinking Liberally.” As I eventually came to terms with the fallacy of the political process, I had to step aside and let the remaining true believers take over. I’m really glad that episode is behind me, although, I do miss the camaraderie.

To answer one of your introductory questions, my more wake up calls were the non-event known as Y2K, closely followed by the farcical Bush v. Gore “election” of late 2000. Of course, with those events in mind, I was immediately skeptical of the reporting around 9/11. I couldn’t imagine at the time that nothing had happened at all, but I did think that the news reports were largely untrue. I stayed home from work that day, and I do think the case was totally closed for me, once I saw Building 7 come down on CNN that afternoon.

At this point, I don’t watch TV and I don’t listen to the radio. I just watch a few YouTube channels, listen to podcasts and a little bit of music on demand.

BTW, I think Rollo’s interrupt-itis is caused by the same sort of delays or echos that ‘Audio Error’ Chris sometimes suffers from. Of course the booze doesn’t help, but he is pretty funny must of time.

Thanks for all of your content, it’s truly appreciated.


Cyril Allen
Oakland CA

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