Wake up to the Jesuit control grid 

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Great conversation with two of my last guests. 

The author of, ‘Illuminati Unmasked’, Johnny Cirruci might not take offense if you call him single minded, as long as the topic is the Society of Jesuits. Throughout history, secrecy and evil has been woven into the fabric of our lives. We discuss how it is possible for such an old organization has been able to affect so many, most of the time, usually without our knowledge of the staged events. Johnny often updates his findings

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3 thoughts on “Wake up to the Jesuit control grid 

  1. anon1

    Roosevelt was 33rd degree freemason. Churchill was also a freemason.
    (I think the book ‘Churchill in America’ also mentions that Churchill was in New York at the time of the 1929 Wall Street crash and lunched with Banker Bernard Baruch (who was also close to Woodrow Wilson at the time of WWI) and was invited to a dinner party with New York’s prominent bankers. Roosevelt’s uncle was vice president at the Federal Reserve. Are the Fed and Wall Street Jesuits too?)

    So we have two high level freemasons as main actors in WWI (not to mention Stalin) which also brought disaster for Germany and the German people. Germany was to a large degree also catholic country. Did catholicism benefit in Germany from WWII (and WWI)? Not sure, doesn’t seem to be very much the case. (Now apart from that Hitler was a puppet too on the world stage, likely built up for the purpose of the war.)

    Georgetown University 17.000 students. They’re all going through Jesuit training by Jesuit priests? Come on. Btw, Georgetown was founded by descendants of English Jesuits. (If nothing more, Britain is still closer to America than Rome.)
    Yale University was founded 80 years before Georgetown. It’s logo has Hebrew letters. Is that Jesuit? Yale’s founder was the governor of the British East India Company. The flag of the US is like a variation of the flag of the British East India Company with the Union Jack replaced by stars. Is that work of the Jesuits?

    Yale has the Skull and Bones, with the president Bushes, or current Secretary of State John Kerry. Anderson Cooper from CNN is a Yale alum.

    Well, just that I’d be vary of overblowing this Jesuit stuff to a level of misdirection.

    1. ab Post author

      I think both networks work hand in hand to make up the Nutwork. Jesuits have had more exposure, perhaps by design. Your point is well taken.

      1. anon1

        Hey thanks. FDR ‘s degree is probably incorrect, he was 32nd, whatever that means. Or whatever degree, as of course sources for this can also be possibly sketchy.


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