Awake cop

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Enjoyable talk with an alleged awake cop and Sophia.

An awake police officer talks about our many staged shootings and typicalities to look for in recognizing them.  We also discuss lots more that he is not only aware of but informs us about from a trained perspective.  Here’s a patient person, an intelligent mind with a deep sense of what’s really happening in the world — all in a blue uniform!

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5 thoughts on “Awake cop

  1. felix

    Sorry, but their fun making of Dr Lube from the Pulse nightclub is poor stuff, a cheap, poorly researched drive-by.
    Here’s Lube’s medical history going back to 1992…

    Very very funny [not] But these doctors did somehow get roped into the fake event, just as it’s routine work for pathologists to sign off a fake post mortem of a person who never died, or a funeral parlor to send out an empty casket for cremation/burial.

    Lube does look uncomfortable though, next to Angel Colon [a very very common Hispanic name]
    Great video……

    You can check out the other doctors.

    1. ab Post author

      Colon must be a tribute to homosexuals, often referred to as colon cowboys. It is definitely a fabricated poke in the eye.


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